The sequel to my Morrowind mod Desert Region. This puts the Desert Region gang several millennia in the future in the state of California.

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Here's a guide to get all 2,005 White Orbs so far in the mod. White Orbs are special orbs that were scattered in the world after the destruction of Vahen's core beneath the stronghold. Please note that the order that I put them in is not exactly the order you'll collect them.

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1-4). In Vahen City, go to the Industrial Area. In the eastern hall, there are 4 White Orbs there.

5-6). There are 2 of them inside the Spargus Arena, quite close to the dead guards.

7-11). There are 4 of them underwater in the War Factory generator room. You need lots of health or a waterbreathing ability to not die in the water. (be sure to pull lever when done.)

12). In Taran, turn to your right when exiting the Tripod Bar. You'll see one orb on the green bench.

13-19). 6 White Orbs can be found in the fence area in Taran.

20-23). You can find the last 3 orbs in Taran, on top of the dark grey building that has sunk to the sand.

24-27). 3 White Orbs can be found on top of the fallen tower in Moscow's Redchurch Courtyard.

28). In the Oasis hidden tomb, you can find one orb standing on a junk box.

29-50). Go to Maurez Penitentiary and go along the highway. Collect 21 White Orbs along the way.

51-55). Collect those 4 White Orbs in Lost City, after killing the Androids. The orbs should be on their bodies.

56-66). Those White Orbs are practically scattered in the Lost City, quite close to the Androids.

67-71). Loot the Androids' corpses in the Android Tower.

72-75). Susan will give you 3 orbs after you recover the crystal ball for her.

76-94). Those 18 White Orbs lie in Moscow's Time Clock Room. (I recommend going there during the main quest because otherwise, you cannot escape without cheating. Will be fixed in next version.)

95-110). On the ground inside the walls of the Vahen stronghold. Pretty easy to get.

111-124). Now, this is the hardest to get of all. Remember to keep your superjumping ability or you can do collision walking. Explore the walls of the stronghold and collect those orbs.

125-130). After you kill the Android Leader, Riley Wilde will give you 6 White Orbs.

131-200). The last remaining 70 White Orbs are on the Android Leader's body. Go to Moscow's Redchurch Courtyard. You need to be able to jump high to do this - jump onto the fallen tower. Use the Console command "unlock" on the door. Then, enter. You should see the Android Leader's body. Loot it to find 70 White Orbs.

Now, you can go to the Super Bonus Round!

200-2,000). Simply collect the White Orbs from the tin boxes. Certain areas need a certain amount of orbs to enter.
Area One - 500 White Orbs
Area Two - 1,000 White Orbs
Area Three - 1,500 White Orbs
Area Four - 2,000 White Orbs

2,000-2,005). And finally, you must collect 5 White Orbs when you go to the Deserted Volcano (Version 1.5 and higher needed).

There, that's all of them! Please feel free to leave comments on here.

EDIT: Since Version 3.1 (which is a fix to make the mod fully playable without cheating - will be authorised soon), orbs 125-200 will go to your player character's body immediately after you kill the Android Leader.

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