Facing impossible odds, a team of survivors are cornered against the unstoppable poltergeist horde! Defend yourself as they spawn terrifying monsters, possess players, and wreak havoc in their quest to destroy every survivor! Spot out the demon's shadow to uncover where they're hiding, but make sure you find a flash light, or you'll be trapped in the dark! Team work is essential if you want to survive. Stick together, share ammo, and destroy the poltergeist horde in Demons Vs Humans!

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New Gamemode, new Demon Ability, We are looking for a QA Lead and new testers and we have a contest

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Hello there Horror fans, we present our latest updates..
New Gamemode
After a quite long development phase our Project Lead / Programmer Gladers has decided
that another gamemode is needed. So we after Deathmatch and “Village Harvesting” we present
you our third gamemode Last Man Standing. LMS provides more balance to the vastly different
teams. The demon team starts with a powerful demon overlord whose kills will bring the humans
over the demon side (If this game mode sounds familiar, then rest assured that we have added
our own twists and updates). The pacing and the game now starts as quiet, ambient and creepy
and ends in the last man standing getting… Well you know what.. This gamemode ensures scared
and running humans as well as clever operating demons.

Hallucinate - New Demon Ability

Demons in your mind messing with you head again. Your Human team mates will appear as
demons and you can do damage to them with careless shooting. You will not beable to TK a
team mate, but you'll get them down to a critical where the demonteam can pick them off
with a finishing kill.

New Quality Assurance Lead

If you were misled by the title let me make this clear: We have a new version nearly every week.
We need testers to test all the new things we added. But to manage that is a job for itself.
So we are looking for someone, who thinks that testing only doesn’t fulfill his participating for
the quality of this mod. When you would accept this offer you would manage and recruit new
testers. Also when we need a testing session you would mobilize them to test with us.
The advantages for you are clear:

1. You will participate in all test we’ll do
2. You will get a member of Flashlight Studios
3. You can contribute ideas and ratings to this mod
4. You can take a major role in the development of an awesome mod

C’mon you gotta admit the offer is quite good. If you are interested please contact
“Jack5500” on Steam.

New Testers required
We need fresh meat! However be sure you want to test the game and want to review it
afterwards and not just try it out for 5 minutes. This time the beta testing isn't open anymore.
But dont worry, all we want is for you to contact us and fill out our fancy Question
format at the end of a test. The servers are online with the newest version
and Sourcemod features, so get some friends and request your copy today.

You can do that by liking us on Facebook as a first step and joining our Steam group as second step.
Both step are essential, since we post Announcements and discussions through Facebook and only start the game session through Steam.

After tests we will ask your opinions on our questionaire, we develope some more, and together we make it more awesome. Then you can join us again in future tests and mold/shape this mod with us.

New Contest
We need you! A mod is only as strong as its community, that’s for sure. So what we need is a cool
new startup-vid. Every mod team has one and we need one too.

So you might ask:

But Jack, what is in for me? I’m not doing this for free?!

Well, my dear friend, we have a presents for you.. Its a frickin’ Trine key. Yes you heard right,
we are giving a 20€ game away, for the awesome dude who makes us a 5 second intro. If that isn’t
a good deal I don’t know either.

So get started right away ´with these assets:
- 5 to 10 seconds long sequence
- Avi format, bik file not required
- Should be with a Flashlight or something liek that since we're Flashlight Studios
- Dark atmosphere since we produce horror games
- Be creative
- Must be unique, your own work and not beaching any trademarks or copyrights


Cool news, it all sounds interesting!

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Very cool. Any news on the NH2 CooP project?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jack5500 Author

In development :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sounds nice, I am still keeping an eye on all of you!
Just a pointer though, always ensure that whoever is your marketing lead (the guy who makes these news updates, which I'm guessing is you Jack), that they check all their news updates for punctuation and spelling errors. It's only minor things, but correct spelling will make you guys look a lot more proffesional. :)

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I havent helped beta test in a while, whens the next playtest?

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gladers Creator

More info to follow on facebook

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I left a message on your facebook page, I'd love to be a tester!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

well.. this does explain some of the ungodly time you spend in the SDK :p

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This is really great, the new gamemode and demon ability sounds quite good, and it is good to see you are making more and more progress.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I don't wanna sound mean or anything, but Trine isn't a 20$ game with all the promotions it had prior to that (like Humble Indie for as little as 0.01$).
OT: great to hear some news

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jack5500 Author

But if you want the game right now, it would cost 20€ and Trine is a great game worth every cent of it btw. (And we didnt buy it in the Humble Indie Bundle)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

And it is better than nothing. Many people would kill for this great game.

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