Demon Hunter is possibly the first mod for the old Hovertank 3D. Although made at the end of 2006 it is quite less rotten and features an apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy setting.

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szemi says

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Glad to see Hovertank 3D is modded as well.
I thought I'll never see any here.

Those, who created/will create Hovertank mods, I say: CONGRATULATIONS!/Go ahead bravely. :)

The only thing I'm against is the satanist symbol (inverted pentagramm) in this game mod. But since the game mod title says it all, I'm willing to forget about it as the game concept is SUPER!

So after all - like it says - I give the maximum number (10) on the scale for this mod, which proves there exist great modders/programmers, who likes/loves/mods this game.

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