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D.E.A.D will be pushing the Source engine to its limits! Being a mulitplayer modification where players can play as a human or a zombie we have many areas to worry about, gameplay, function and design. There will be 3 key game modes along with some extra modes to be included in later updates. The 3 key game modes are: - Redemtion (control areas and fight back the undead) - Demolition (destroy enemy strongholds and key objectives) - Rescue (save the trapped humans from becoming a zombie potpie) Other game modes may include: - Deathmatch - Survival - Zombie Roundup Game features will include: - The Evolution System , based around a players skill level he will be givin extra abilities, such as marksmenship, medical aid, speed, strength, vision, stamina, armour, and others..


D.E.A.D - FAQ LIST Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is D.E.A.D? A: D.E.A.D is a zombie style firstperson shooter mod full of action that pits the living against a world of the un-dead, created on the Source engine. Q: Will this mod be single or multiplayer? A: Initial release will be a multiplayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is D.E.A.D?

A: D.E.A.D is a zombie style firstperson shooter mod full of action that pits the living against a world of the un-dead, created on the Source engine.

Q: Will this mod be single or multiplayer?

A: Initial release will be a multiplayer team mod, which may be followed up by a dedicated single player / coop game campaign. Our intent is to first make the tools that will allow for a compelling multiplayer game. Once that is done, we can concentrate on developing an immersive, story driven campaign with what we've built.

Q: What type of game modes will there be?

A: The game modes will depend entirely on the map. Some gametypes that we intend to include are Deathmatch, Attack & Defend, Demolition, Capture & Extract, and many others.

Q: What kind of environments will we be fighting in?

A: Environments will be dark, scary & full of firey damage... because the bomb has left almost nothing intact.

Q: What weapons will be featured in the mod?

A: D.E.A.D will keep all weapons real life weapons, to add a bit of realism to the game. There will be a Weapons list added to the website and forum shortly.

Q: Who will beable to use what weapons?

A: Each team will have there own selection of weapons that the player can select after they select there player, there will be a menu of weapons for each team and each teams selection will be different. Zombies will wield melee style weapons and some small arms like pistols and SMG's. The living will have more powerful weapons to choose like AK-47's , Colt M4A1's and rifles like the Winchester.

Q: Will there be vehicles in D.E.A.D?

A: Yes but probably not in the first release.

Q: Will there be different kinds of zombies?

A: Yes there will, there will be 4 classes of zombie to choose from, each class having there own special skill, but the classes won't be restricted to only one level, we are adding an evolution system to the mod that will allow each player to mutate there zombie and make them a better killer.

Q: Where will this mod take place?

A: The mod will be placed in the United States and parts of Canada in the year 2010.

Q: How come the zombies have been reanimated?

A: This is all classified by the government, but we have got our hands on one of the classified documents leaked by an insider.



In 1966 Darrow Chemical Company was ordered by the military to develop the top secret chemical Trioxin. They were told it would be for marijuana defoliation. An accidental leak into the Pittsburgh VA Hospital morgue resulted in a contamination that literally reanimated corpses. The Army Corps of Engineers contained the bodies in a cryonic state inside airtight biohazard drums. A shipment of six drums was lost in the rushed transport to a storage facility.

The bio-warfare experimentation that could create indestructible soldiers in the event of war was launched using this new weapon, 2, 4, 5 Trioxin. The military’s orders to medical supply warehouses for cadavers are common and assumed to be for ballistic tests.

What the Army did not know is that the lost Easter Eggs had been rotting in the basement of the nation’s largest medical supply warehouse in an industrial park outside Louisville, Kentucky.
All was revealed the night of Friday, July 3, 1984 and by Independence Day, 12 hours after the last Egg hatched, yet another cover up had begun…

The July Fourth 1984 Industrial Disaster of Jefferson County

Q: Will we beable to shoot off body parts?

A: Yes some body parts will be flying off, were still working on the system to do this and make it look as real as we can.

Q: Will I need Half-Life 2 in order to play D.E.A.D?

A: Yes. Because D.E.A.D will be using the Half-Life 2 engine (Source), you will need the original game in order to play D.E.A.D.

Q: Is there a release date?

A: Not at this moment, it takes alot of work to complete a mod and things cannot be rushed because it will only effect the quality of the mod, so we are taking our time and making sure every detail as been looked at.

Q: How will this mod be different from all the other HL² zombie mods that are being made?

A: There seems to be a great deal of zombie style mods being made now that the Source engine is out, but with our mod we think we will be adding features to the game to make ours stand out a bit more than the others, some of which will kept secret until a later date.
We do however wish all the other mods the best of luck, we have no interest in mod wars, every mod has there own unique element that makes them special.

Q: I would like to help, how can I join the team?

A: Well if you have a special skill and would like to help in the development of this mod send an email to with the subject title "D.E.A.D Team Application" and be sure to let us know what it is you do and what you want to help with, also make sure you include some samples of your past work. All members must have some kind of experience before applying, although you do not need to have been apart of any other mod.

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