The DC Universe According to Grey is my love letter to and personal take on the DC Comics Universe. It is a massive, sprawling mod, including literally hundreds of characters, all painstakingly crafted, customized, and balanced, with as much faithfulness and completeness as I could manage, all playable in the sandbox mode of the greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. The mod also includes dozens of maps and over half a dozen different campaigns for a wide variety of DC characters. It’s got a Bronze Age flavor with modern narrative sensibilities, and it is packed with four color heroes. The mod includes everyone from the most famous DC characters, like Batman, to the ridiculously obscure, like...well, all of the Atom's villains! This mod gives you control over some of your favorite superheroes and lets you fight for justice in four color glory! Solve mysteries with Batman, battle undersea foes with Aquaman, or face existential threats with the JLA!

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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The DC Universe Needs You!:

Be Part of the DCUG mod for Freedom Force

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Do you love superheroes? Comics? So do we in the FF community. Come join us and be part of creating something fantastic!

Howdy! I'm Benton Grey, the chief modder, writer, scripter, and everything else for Greylands Games, dedicated to making mods for the greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force. I've been creating highly rated mods for FF for years, and with the help of the community, I've produced a lot of fun stuff. Now I need your help on my latest project!

One of my passions is bringing my favorite characters, settings, and stories to life in this great game. I've created mods that deliver adventures for the Ninja Turtles, classic pulp heroes, the entire Marvel superhero universe, and more, bringing each to life in a way not really possible anywhere else. I'm currently working on a massive update and revision of my already epic and sprawling DC Universe mod, the DC Universe According to Grey, and I'm looking for folks with a love of DC Comics, superheroes in general, and/or game design to create some maps for the project.

This is a mod and is done purely "for the love of the game," so to speak, so these are volunteer positions. However, this is a chance to be involved with a fun and rewarding project, work with folks who share your interests and hobbies, and help bring your favorite heroes and their universe of wonder and heroism to life.

Mapper Positions:

The project needs visually creative people who can conceive and design maps for use in the various character/team campaigns and to represent famous DC Comics locations. The game editor is free, intuitive, and easy to use, so no experience is required, but having some background with creating/designing maps could certainly be beneficial. Some basic texture editing experience would be useful but is not required.

Familiarity with 3D Studio Max, Blender, and/or Nifskope would be a big plus, though willingness to learn would also be appreciated. Having the ability to create/edit 3D objects would give mappers much more flexibility in design.

You will need to get a copy of the game, which is available from GOG and Steam very cheaply.

We use Discord and email to communicate

Successful candidates will be willing to put in a little effort, have a good attitude, and display a willingness to learn FF modding/mapping. Because this is just a fan project, this need not be a major commitment. This is a labor of love for all involved, and any help you provide will be welcome.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some experience in game design in an accessible and low-impact way. This project would be great for producing materials for a portfolio or just as a fun hobby for someone who likes being visually creative.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the DCUG!

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