The DC Universe According to Grey is my love letter to and personal take on the DC Comics Universe. It is a massive, sprawling mod, including literally hundreds of characters, all painstakingly crafted, customized, and balanced, with as much faithfulness and completeness as I could manage, all playable in the sandbox mode of the greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. The mod also includes dozens of maps and over half a dozen different campaigns for a wide variety of DC characters. It’s got a Bronze Age flavor with modern narrative sensibilities, and it is packed with four color heroes. The mod includes everyone from the most famous DC characters, like Batman, to the ridiculously obscure, like...well, all of the Atom's villains! This mod gives you control over some of your favorite superheroes and lets you fight for justice in four color glory! Solve mysteries with Batman, battle undersea foes with Aquaman, or face existential threats with the JLA!

[Map Designers] Wanted for DC Superhero Action/RPG Mod

Anywhere [EXPIRED] Greylands Games
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Freedom Force vs The Third Reich
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