This mod change the popcap to 999 in both the multiplayer and campaign and adds a few requisition and power

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id give this a 9. the only reason i took one away from ten is because while its good to have a big cap, a game like this can get reaklly laggy, really fast when to many units enter at once. personally i would have done 400-600, but thats just me. anyway, its a great mod in my opinion, keep up the good work dude!


This mod is just the perfect mod. Its all what Retribution ever needed: Massive battles! And this mod just made it possible!


the best mode make my day


Amazing mod loved it.
but could you add something that makes the units instantly?


Yeah, it's a simple popcap mod. Always good to have when you like really big battles. No big surprises here, but it does the one thing it is supposed to do perfectly, so I'll rate it well.
I'm also glad the developer didn't go overboard and make epic units unlimited. Nothing breaks the game quite like ten Great Unclean Ones waddling into someone's base.
Good mod overall, does exactly what it says on the tin and it'll make you happy if you're looking for bigger battles.

if you can make ultimate units such as avatar.. are possible to build unlimited,this mod will be 11/10.please make it happen




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