A singleplayer story mod for Jedi Outcast revoling around the Sith Stalker from The Force Unleased.

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Looking for voice actors (and actresses) for roles in the mod

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Felt it best this be covered in a separate article.

One of the features I want to add to this mod is proper voice acting so that it creates a new story.

Now, I would gladly do the male voices myself (I'm no stranger to acting) but the problem I currently have is that there are some key female charterers in the mod, and I can't do those.

So this article is kind of an open audition for anyone who might be interested. I'm more in need of female voices right now since they are essential for the mod, but any male voices are perfectly welcome also. After all, it'd be nice to add more diversity to the voices.

Here now is a list of the characters that require voice acting:


Vallora: (Replaces Jan) A twi'lek sith who often works alongside Starkiller.
There is no romantic relationship between them and she also isn't his apprentice.

Captain Brena: An Imperial officer who provides comm support for Starkiller and Vallora. Throughout most of the game, she is only heard through the comms (often speaking instead of Starkiller)
She does however make a physical appearance on Nar Shaadaa (replacing Lando)


Cindra: (Replaces Tavion) A former Jedi who survived Order 66. She is the current apprentice of the main antagonist. (See below)

Female Rebels: (Replaces some of the Stormtroopers) female units of the rebel soldiers. Most of their dialogue is purely battle quotes and also some occasional banter between the soldiers.

Female Jedi: (Replaces Reborn and Shadowtroopers) Enemies of Starkiller (the name pretty much says it all)

The Guardian: (Replaces Morgan) A female sith phantom who guards the Valley of the Sith. She attempts to seduce Starkiller, but he resists her advances. Thus, she permits him to pass.


Lord Starkiller: (Replaces Kyle) The protagonist.
I am planning to voice him myself, but if anyone else is interested, you're more than welcome.

The Emporer: (Replaces Mon Mothma only) Lord Starkiller's master who appears very briefly via hologram and is not seen for the rest of the story. Also one I am planning to voice myself.

Captain Argus: (Replaces Galak Fyarr) Currently leader of the Rebel Alliance who also masquerades as an imperial admiral named Corvus.

Karadhaz: (Replaces Desann) A Kel'dor gray jedi who serves as the main antagonist.


The Emissary: (Repalces Luke) A member of Desann's species who serves as a representative of the Emperor, and is an ally to Starkiller.

Rebel males: (Replaces some Stormtroopers) Exactly the same as the female Rebels (see above)


Protocol droids: Same role as in the game, only they can be either gender. They just need some dialogue changes.



Big thanks to Vovolverine for his voice work for these charcters.

Human mercs: (Replaces Imperial workers) Mercenaries who are working with the Rebellion, albeit purely for profit.

Prisoners: (Uses Imperial Worker model) Imperial prisoners of the rebels on Artus prime.

Male Jedi: (Replaces Reborn and Shadowtroopers) Same role as the female jedi (see above)

The bartender and Reelo have also already been taken care of, so they do not need any voice acting.

So if anyone is interested, please let me know. As I said before, female voices are more important right now, but male voices are still perfectly welcome.

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