Chapter 0 of Dark Reality The prologue of Dark Reality (Chapter 0). There are two parts to this chapter: Dark Reality: The Escape of Robert Henry (Part 1) - After Frances Williams captured Robert Henry and put him in the prison, Robert makes an escape! Play as Robert Henry as you make an escape from your holding cell and make your way to the outskirts of Huntingston! Dark Reality: The Haunting of Frances Williams (Part 2) - You played as Edward and Robert, now play on the dark side as Frances! Frances was the cause of many murders, the worse being Edward's girls. After Edward fired Frances, he started to be haunted by all his victims, escpecially Laurie McCalister! Frances is fighting for his life from these demonic beings, but will he survive long enough to rid them?

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So to keep my interest in mapping for this, i decided to revive daily updates! I've actually finished the first puzzle as well!

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So one of the major issues with time management is that i have 3 custom stories going on at one time, i have work and also school is coming back next week... So I want to get the first part of this custom story done by october.

Over the last month I got the first main puzzle complete (it has 4 or 5 subpuzzles (small puzzles within the main puzzle to complete the main puzzle's goal)

This should keep you guys into the game for a much longer time as I have been really working on making sure you will get frustrated while playing. I want to see your veins popping out because you're so stressed out. The sewers will most likely have 3 main puzzles and be about a 20 minute map, then the outskirts of huntingston will be about a 5 minute map, not much but don't forget there is a second part.

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