The Purpose of this mod is to add the forgotten faction to Command and Conquer, currently, I have only managed to completely add the Forgotten Faction. Besides that, very little balancing has been done, and nothing has been edited aesthetically with the HUDs and the shellmap.

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The Forgotten Chapter will soon see the first levels in it's campaign, hopefully we can get our Russian member to VO this message.

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"Good morning, commander. I'd hoped to have a short time to speak with you... Look around you, at my mother country. Russia has a long history of war, and it seems like the motherland may see it again very soon. I hope you're ready for a hard campaign, commander, because the world will not coddle us, and we march into it under-equipped and under-prepared. We do this because there is no other option available to us.

Our technology is based heavily on the old technology of the Soviet union - a powerful regime, until its deserved defeat. I hold no love for Stalin's time as a tyrant, commander, do not mistake me, but his defeat brought this land so low that it shall never be able to truly rise to power again. We're using the technology that lost the war and failed to protect our land. Our soldiers know this, and despite our need, our ranks are demoralized as a result.

I want you to change that, commander. Bring success to our soldiers, redeem these old tanks in the eyes of our warriors, replace their memories of old defeats with new victories - with new hope. I'm counting on you."

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