Hello everyone,this is my first mod ever,I don't have any training or skills in this area but I'll do my best. Now,what is my mod? Combine is a mod that tell the story of a citizen that turned into a combine soldier. I'll tell you a tiny bit of the story: You are a citizen,your life isn't easy, your life is miserable because of the Combine so one day you decide to join the resistance and fight for humanity but it doesn't go well,your squad gets wiped and you get captured,and against your will you are turned into a combine soldier, you will witsess your transformation into a combine soldier, and fight against humanity. I just ask you guys one thing, please don't be stupid when criticizing,you can say what I do wrong and right and suggest what I could improve but not beign stupid,because you won't help anyone by beign one. As I stated above this is my first mod and I do not have any skills on this type of things, I will do my best for this mod and try to deliver it as soon as possible

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