The authentic surf game mode from Source games brought to Call of Duty 4!

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The authentic surf game mode from Source games brought to Call of Duty 4!

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This mod is currently still under development but updates will be posted regularly.

Open Beta

A public beta will be hosted by once the mod has reached a playable state. We currently cannot give an ETA for the beta but at the current pace it shouldn't take more than a month. This page will be updated with a server banner of the beta server when the beta does go live though.

Can I see?

A (very) brief demonstration of the surf mechanic:

Please note that this footage was originally captured with gyazo and wasn't meant as promotional material. However, I feel it is more important to focus my attention on the development of the mod than a properly edited video showcasing what was at the time just a not-so-refined surf mechanic.


If you have any questions, concerns, ... feel free to leave a comment down below. I'll do my best to answer all of them. :)


You can't really surf in cod4 engine. You need airacceleration which source engine actually has :P

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atrX Author

You can, you just need to manipulate velocities (so you'll need a setVelocity() method which CoD4 doesn't have by default). We're developing an in-house server patch including tons of additional functionality such as button input detection and velocity manipulation allowing for actual surfing. ;)

The only negative to this is that this mod is unplayable on devmap and/or servers not running our patch.

The only reason it's taken this long for someone to make a surf mod for CoD4 is because not many people in the modding scene for CoD4 know C/C++ and therefore can't add such functionality to the engine.

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I'm excited about this mod :) seems awesome according to the video.
But if this mod is unplayable on a local server for not having certain patches, it means I have to suffer from like 500+ ping to connect a server and play this mod in my nation :(
So here's my little suggestion. I have seen some CoD4 surfing maps (like mp_neon) long before. The curved slopes in mp_neon make you be able to surf (sort of) in a normal local-hosted CoDJumper mod. I don't quite understand how it works although I know some basic mapping (maybe because of so-called 'slope-accelerating'?)
So maybe you can find a way to enbale basic surfing by editting the map in a specific way, but make surfing more satisfying by running the map through your mod? :P Basically like CoD4 Deathrun, you can still run in a normal CoD4 game if all players reach an agreement, but the mod makes this action more awesome.
Sorry for my bad English LOL. Wish you a smooth progress on modding :)

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atrX Author

The current surf maps available for CoD4 don't really represent what the surf game mode is all about (which is also why this mod is being made). Unfortunately, due to limitations with CoD4's built-in functionality it's impossible to make a proper surf mode without the help of a patch like the one we're developing.

That being said, we are looking into the possibility of distributing a small part of our patch specifically for local servers to allow you to run your own local surf mod.

Our main concern with the distribution of such a patch is that this mod's purpose is partially to revive our dying community, meaning that if we were to release the full patch publicly so other people could host servers we'd probably lose a lot of our player base to other servers.

I have a basic idea of how we're going to achieve allowing local play only with a public version of our patch but I still have to discuss it in detail with the higher-ups in our community.

TL;DR You'll be able to play locally, but you'll need to download a custom version of our server patch alongside the mod to enable the functionality the mod requires. Instructions on how to play locally will be released together with the mod.

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I see.

Indeed these maps are not quite satisfying for normal players.I can understeand the need of using patches to make the gameplay better, not to mention that it requires a lot of works. Thanks for your selfless contribution to the game!

As an admin of some servers in my nation myself, I understand the difficulty of hosting a server and keeping the gaming community alive, so I approve of making this mod clan-private.

But, actually, what I'm worried about is the fact that some mods died completely because the modder didn't release the public version for some reason before they quitted modding/hosting a server/playing this game, like Combined Operation 2.0 by Moka_Akashiya85 and Slender mod by Rycoon. It's a huge loss for the CoD4 community. So I hope this mod can live as long as possible :)

It's so lucky to have modders like you that are still devoted to trying to keep this game alive and prosperous. Please allow me to show my sincere wishes to you and Raid-Gaming!

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