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Red Zone Europe plays about 35 years into the future. It's a total conversion for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars, intending to create a relatively Realistic gameplay, combined with several "sci-fi" parts. Be careful about your tanks, one or two ATGM from behind will kill them!

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Announcing CnC3: Red Zone Europe, and presenting the Eurofighter and Leopard tank, as well as some Screenies.

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I'd like to present the EUDF's main Combat vehicles, the Eurofighter and the Leopard 3 SLWPz.

Firstly the Eurofighter, which is also the currently only unit that's been fully completed yet.

EF 2000 Eurofighter Tyhoon. Cost: 2500$, Build time: 20s.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is the EUDFs main air to air combat unit. It carrys a loadout of 6 Meteor 3 missiles, and a BlueBeam laser cannon, used mostly in dogfights. The, for short called EFT, Eurofighter was developed in a joint development project of several EU members, like Germany, Great Brittain, Italy, France, and a few more. The Meteor 3 missile is not a Anti Air missile of the conventional type, it doesn't directly destroy the target, it sends out a powerful electromagnetic pulse, commonly called EMP, that disables all controls of the Target. The BlueBeam is essentially a chemical laser firing a blue laser beam at a target. It can so to say "chopp of the bird's wings".


(Important: Texture is still highly Work in Progress!)

Leopard 3 SLWPz. Cost: 1900$. Build time: 15s.

The Leopard 3 is a very recent development: L55 Smoothbore cannon of the Leopard 2a6 has been replaced with a heavy duty laser cannon, that's where the name comes from: SLWPz means "Schwere Licht Waffe Panzer" (Heavy Laser Weapon Tank). It is the EUDFs current main battle tank, and tops any other MBT on the world so far. It can individuall be upgraded either with active armor, or active defense, while the first one prevents it from tanking damage, but disableing the weapon, the second one protects it agains incoming missile fire. The Leopard 3 can also transfer energy from the propulsion to the cannon, and so stop, but fire with a much higher rate, and causing more damage.

That's be for now, and stay tuned for future updates!


Both models look great ;)

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Ditto, and I'm watching this mod.

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