Rediscover the mysterious zone of Chernobyl, the abandoned Jupiter Factory, the remains of Pripyat, vast wastelands and Reactor Block 4.

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Blood_Wraith says

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Quality Chernobyl experience.


Antumarin says

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Some sections made my fairly decent computer crawl and it even crashed shortly after starting the first map. Despite all this it was a very well made map with tons of details and a challenging and enjoyable campaign.


gt-x says

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9 years into the making of a great, good looking, fluid experience.


KrAkK says

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Wonderfull work!
I've been waiting so long to play at this campaign and what an incredible work !!!

The maps are beautiful !
The assets are really well done!
All along the game, i was scaried by the ambience.
The difficulty is very hight too! What's a pleasure !

Thank you for your work team!!!


baracuda0938 says

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Super, nice work)

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