The dark times came to Vvanderfell. Vivec loses his power, Imperial Legion convened to Cyrodiil and forces of Dagoth Ur prepare to invade Morrowind. Make allies or deny them and keep going by yourself. You are Nerevarine. And the destiny of Morrowind is belong to you.

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The most important changes and innovations which Chaos Heart brings to the game.

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Chaos Heart brings to Morrowind thousands of changes. They are described in this post.

  • Almost all skills and classes were altered.
  • Each class got unique bonus (and all NPCs accordingly to their classes).
  • The magical system was altered fundamentally.
  • Alternative transport system, new docks and silt-strider ports were added.
  • Holomayan monastery has its own ordinator order now, which may be put under control of Nerevarine after he finds the Moon-And-Star.
  • If player have choosen to rebel against the Empire on Vvanderfell and he has influence in imperial guilds some forts will rebel against the Imperial reign and become loyal to Nerevarine.
  • Those Ashlanders who acknowledge Nerevarine will make new groups of guards which will be available to command. They'll wear a brand new set of armor and call themselves "Defenders of Nerevar".
  • A lot of guilds got new and altered quests, especially Mages Guild and all Great Houses.
  • Some new factions to join: Ash Orcs Clan, Camonna Tong and Twin Lamps.
  • You can restore the Sixth House by joining Dagoth Ur.
  • On the top of a career ladder in your Great House you will get not only a manor, but a whole city: Hlaalu - Odarnian; Redoran - Bal Isra; Telvanni - Tel Shadar.
  • In some dwemer ruins you can find wrecked centurions, that can be repaired and reactivated. Beware though - they may turn against you.
  • Some cities may be destroyed if you get Kagrenak's Instruments and Moon-and-Star too early, without support of powerful factions. To save the cities of Vvanderfell from destruction you must gain authority and influence in different factions.
  • And lots of other changes...
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