Carnivores Reloaded is an attempt at remaking the very first Carnivores game using the Carnivores 2 engine. It includes extended Carnivores 1 maps, some new menus, a couple of special maps and little bonuses that are awarded to those who take the time to playthrough the game. Current version uses a custom version of Rexhunter99's 3.1.5 patch. Credits: Main Modder- Me (glitchhunter09 aka Glisp) Menus - Poharex Maps - glitchhunter09 and Poharex Special Thanks - JenDOS_RUS for his various 3DF object donations, Machf for adding animation swapping support to his editor and just making the editor in general, Rexhunter99 for making his patch, Various other Forum members I may have forgotten (Sorry), and you for taking the time to download.

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This upcoming build (build/beta 7) will probably one of the last few major ones for a while outside of potential bug fixes.

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It's been a long road everyone and I want to say thank you for all of your feedback on this mod and we appreciate your continued support. After a three or four year hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that Carnivores Reloaded is back in business! Yeah exciting I know. Coming back, most of the ideas I had for this mod are starting to come out. ibuildcircuits is busy implementing aI for our 10th and final huntable, Seismosaurus and I've been working hard on menus with the help of Poharex, patching bugs, and other things off and on for the past three years or so.


So what's in store for Reloaded's future? Well Build 7/beta 7 will be one of the last few major builds aside from bug fixes and map tweaks. Pyramids are Shmu Hadron will probably be part of Beta 8 though as I'm redoing that map since it never felt like it belonged there to me. Too much jungle and not enough desert. The tomb will still be there of course, I would never remove it as it was hard putting in all those ceiling tiles. Besides, it was part of the initial plan anyway. The rest of the map aside from the original island was mostly filler because I really struggled coming up with new ideas early on regarding said map.

The new area will deal heavily with desert terrain not unlike that of Carnivores Triassic (except not as orange obviously). But the desert will be quite harsh and filled with sand dunes. In the middle, there's a small Oasis hidden within a ring of rocks which offers the only relief animals will have from the otherwise unforgiving desert aside from the ocean between the islands but that's salt water.


Build 7 will bring in the addition of the deadly and territorial Sauropod of Carnivores legend, Seismosaurus, as well as the equally legendary weapon, the Rocket Launcher. (see screenshot gallery for more details.) To make room for the Rocket Launcher, the C2 Rifle is getting dropped. This was done because it and the Carnivores 1 shotgun are pretty much the same weapon in respects to behavior. The Rifle fires faster but at the same time it's less powerful. C1 shotgun is still pretty fast. And don't worry, the Rifle will still be in the data files if you decide you want it back.

Another thing that will happen is the removal of Mount Hell version 3 and Great Lake of the Future. They may have fit the vision of the project back then, but not anymore. Mount Hell will be replaced with my "Volcanis" map. Great Lake of the Future will be replaced with something Poharex is currently trying to come up with. Obviously, Volcanis will be possibly one of, if not the most dangerous maps you can play on. I'll probably release screenshots of Volcanis in the next few days, though those that have been on the Carnivores Saga know what it looks like. (it's being updated heavily though to better fit C1's style.)


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