In Bannerlord, there are only 3 Camel saddles... and all 3 have the exact same stats: 10 armor (of type Leather). Since horses can get harnesses of up to 65 and 75 Chainmail armor and Plate armor, 10 Leather armor for Camels is just pitiful in comparison. In this mod, the armor rating is not only bumped up to 50, but the material type is also changed from "Leather" to "Plate" armor, meaning it will gain all bonuses of the latter. If you think 50 Plate armor is too strong (or not strong enough!), don't worry. I've included a config.xml file so that you can tweak the numbers as much as you desire... from 1 Armor all the way to 1000 armor. :) You can also switch the material type between "plate" and "leather".

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