Bully: ZAMBess is a Bully: SE total conversions mod that mash-up Zombies and Bully Myth altogether. It is based on the classic SNES game called ZAMN (Zombies Ate My Neighbours).

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Nov 2 2016 Anchor

Hi Folks!
Please use this template if you want to report any kind of bugs or writing errors from the BULLY: ZAMBess, because it will help me a lot to fix this mod

Bugs Reporting Template
Use this template to report Bugs (Game Crahes & Glitches)

1. OS: Specify what is your OS
Note: Bully: SE has a major compatibility issue with Win 10 (the game will randomly crash after 1 or 2 hours of playing time).
So, if you use Win 10 and your game "Crash" when playing BULLY: ZAMBess, most likely it is because of Win 10
- Win 8 or Win 10, etc
- Mac

2. Bug: Specify what is the bug
Note: Please be very specific & detail as possible
- Game crash when fighting this boss and when he/she use this power
- This power up is glitchy and make Jimmy unable to move

3. Location: Specify where is the location when the bug happens
Note: If the bug has nothing to do with a specific location, you don't need to specify the location
- In the School Main Building
- Around the Dock Area (Blue Skies Industrial Park)

Writing Errors Template
Use this template to report Writing Errors (Grammatical & Typo Mistakes)

1. Original Text: Specify the original text and the story chapter
e.g. Jimmy: Oh, Yeah! Today are The Halloween, huh? (Chapter: Intro)

2. Edited Text: Write the fix of the original text and underline it
e.g. Jimmy: Oh, Yeah! Today is The Halloween, huh?

Thank You if you spend a little time to help me and report the bugs & writing errors from BULLY: ZAMBess


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