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This is the fourth part of my article dedicated to telling you about Far Cry's cut content.

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A long time has passed since this article series was updated. I think it is the right moment to post a new part, now that I have more interesting stuff to show you.

Image-heavy, as usual.

Let us get started with concept arts:

I have found a colorized version of the merc commander concept from the previous part:

art 03

Now let's move on to the screenshots:

This is a screenshot taken from the editor. It shows an unidentified level with a mysterious sctructure. It probably dates back to the "X-Isle" stage of development:

engine 04

And this one shows some unknown swamp area:


And this is a rare screenshot of the merc group from the previous parts:


Some picturesque area:


And this one is probably a screenshot of the old Catacombs:


I have also found pictures related to Polybump - one of the main features of Far Cry. They seem to use assets from early stages of development.

For example, this group of images shows an old mercenary model:

poly 01

poly 03

poly 04

I have already shown one of those images in the first part, now I have found the rest.

These screenshots show a head model render. Even though they are old, model seems to use the head normal map very similar to the one we have in release version:


PBPreviewer10 1 1

And these pictures show generator models that can be seen on 2002 screenshots (they can still be found in the game's files):








Screenshots of the old Buggy


far cry 7

Screenshot of an old japanese plane wreckage, similar to the concept art:


I have also found some interesting late-development screenies. You can tell that because of the almost finalized M4.

-Some indoor area, similar to the place on the Treehouse where Jack freaks out at the sight of a dead trigen:


-An old Regulator screenshot


These screenshots are taken from a version almost identical to the final game. But they show an interesting detail: message box (where pickup information and other stuff used to be shown) and "Press USE" text are placed identically:

screenshot far cry 1024x768 2013

far cry screenshot 0ea32eb6

(By the way, "Saving game" text was also displayed there)

far cry screenshot 3adc6779

far cry screenshot 48d09744

far cry screenshot e419a45d

screenshot far cry 1024x768 2004

screenshot far cry 1024x768 2013 1

I have also found some interesting miscellaneous images.

This one shows a "commando" Jack Carver from the concept art on a "X-Isle" (the dinosaur demo) background:

farcry main

And these images are taken from old Crytek's site. They show some strange creaures, shown in the previous parts:

panel main

panel main 1

panel main 3

panel main 2

panel main 4

Moreover, I have found very interesting videos:

Far Cry Gamestar preview (December, 2003):

Even though it is very similar to the previous video preview, it still has some interesting details:

  • Different weapon slot icons
  • Drowning effects
  • Grenade bumping sounded like rock bumping

Far Cry Gamestar preview (January, 2004)

What can we tell from that video:

  • A new hud version
  • Messages box look much simpler
  • Different font for the message box and "press use" indicator
  • That skeleton near the ladder on the Training used to be a fallen merc in the older version. It explains how we've acquired the compass: we have taken one from this guy.
  • Buggy now lacks a tire on the back, but it still has no MG and has different sound effects
  • M4 has different sounds
  • M4's model is finalized
  • "Checkpoint reached" is still displayed
  • AW50 is finalized
  • We get to the Carrier from the Training, like the final game
  • Different MP5 sounds
  • Mk. 19 tilts in the first person, just like the Minigun
  • Multiplayer was present by that time
  • AG36 is finalized
  • Different "Build progress" indicator

Game's data still has things to explore:


Some animated textures show older versions of some levels:

-"textures/animated/camera/cam<...>.dds" shows an old show of Treehouse with spotlights and camonet tents:


-"textures/animated/camera/camera<...>.dds" shows what it seems bits of old HUD and some creature:

camera01 camera22

-"textures/animated/camera/" shows a shot of what it seems the old Fort with a radio tower instead of a satellite dish:


-"textures/animated/computer/" shows a funny edit of a Research screenshot:


Demo contains an older multiplayer logo for attacking team in Assault mode. It seems to be drawn:

attacker Logo


-"Localized/Languages/missiontalk" contains what it seems soundclips for Assault mode in multiplayer (mp_<...>). Especially notable is the "mp_lake" folder. Maybe there was a cut multiplayer level.

Alright, that's all for now. More parts will come later.

P.S.: I've fixed the lack of images in the older parts. Moreover, I've added some higher-resolugtion pictures (for the old sunset level in part 1, for example). Check them out.


Very interesting! Do you already have a plan how much of that you want to restore?

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changeroftheways Author

I do, and I have already restored quite a bit!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

It's amazing to see how dedicated people still are to this game and its content, wish you all the best!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
changeroftheways Author

Thank you!
Did this because no one before has really dived into the cut content of the game

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for these cool pages, very interesting, i have not read all text but i watched all images, i don't know if you know that but the author of cube 2 sauerbraten engine worked on farcry 1, here the link:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
changeroftheways Author

Thank you, but I have even sent emails to this person!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I forgot to say that the recent Farcry games made by Ubisoft use the Dunia engine that is a heavily modified version of the cryengine, i hope they will do a remake of Farcry 1 with this last engine this will be cool, also amazon have the lumbyard engine that is also the cryengine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
changeroftheways Author

Nice to see that good ol' CryEngine 1 lives on

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Aw hell yeah! I loved reading the other three, glad to see another one! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
changeroftheways Author

I have found some reaaally interesting stuff for the part 5. ;3

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Exciting! This one was a great read too!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
changeroftheways Author

Thanks! Nice to see that my efforts don't go unnoticed

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Amazing work, and thank you for another great article!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

great Article, very impressive Work, i really enjoyed reading them!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Definitely great work. I'm still curious how it runs when it is released.

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