Born in the Fire America V. v.41 build 23.03.2023

Born in the Fire America - a mod showing the war of the 18th and 19th centuries, both on the American and on the European continents.

Cavalry added!


Born in the Fire America V. v.41 build 23.03.2022

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Now in mod:

  • More than 75 multiplayer fractions
  • More than 1300 infantry units
  • More than 350 cavalry units
  • More than 200 weapons of the XVIII and XIX centuries
  • More than 50 different kinds of field guns
  • Hundred objects of entourage and flora of different periods
  • Reconstructed cities of the XVIII and XIX centuries, such as Boston, Richmond and Washington
  • Historical battles and much more

List of missions:
Continental army:

  1. Battle of Bunker Hill
  2. The raid on the Nassau
  3. Wintering in Valley Forge

Bonus missions:

  1. Baptism by gunpowder (Union)
  2. Attack on Fort Hou (Continental Army)
  3. The defense of Bagration flesh (Russian Empire)
  4. The massacre in Bowie (Texas)
  5. Battle of the Alamo (Texas)
  6. Prise de la Bastille (French Revolutionaries)
  7. Jamestown
  8. Custer's Last Stand (USA)
  9. Battle for Sevastopol (Russian Empire)
  10. Battle on Hampton raid (CSA)
  11. New World (Sioux)
  12. Road to Kandahar (British Empire)

Large-scale battles:

  1. Third assault on Plevna

AI is available!

List of factions (MP):

  • Iroquois(1750-1820)
  • Kingdom of France(1770-1783)
  • Continental Army(1775-1783)
  • Colonial Corps of Great Britain(1775-1783)
  • European Corps of Great Britain(1760-1783)
  • Russian empire(1765-1780)
  • Prussia(1760-1780)
  • Spanish Empire(1760-1780)
  • Ottoman Empire(1760-1780)
  • Hessen-Kassel(1760-1780)
  • Greeks(1770)
  • Kingdom of Sweden(1760-1770)
  • Holy Roman Empire(1760-1780)
  • The Ottoman Empire(1805-1815)
  • The Austrian Empire(1805-1815)
  • The Kingdom of Prussia(1805-1815)
  • Russian Empire(1805-1815)
  • United Kingdom(1805-1815)
  • The French Empire(1805-1815)
  • Spain (1808-1815)
  • USA(1814-1815)
  • Kingdom of Portugal (1805-1815)
  • Swiss Confederation(1803-1815)
  • Kingdom of Italy(1805-1814)
  • Kingdom of Denmark-Norway(1805-1814)
  • Batavian Republic(1800-1806)
  • Kingdom of Sweden(1800-1814)
  • Mamelukes (1760-1811)
  • Baden-Wurttemberg (1806-1815)
  • Kingdom of Bavaria (1806-1815)
  • Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt(1806-1815)
  • Duchy of Warsaw(1807-1813)
  • Electorate of Hanover(1814)
  • United Kingdom of the Netherlands(1815)
  • Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont(1815)
  • Mexico(1825-1850)
  • USA(1835-1850)
  • Austrian Empire (1860-1867)
  • Confederate States of America(1861-1865)
  • Union(1861-1865)
  • American Old West(1861-1865)
  • Native Americans(1850-1870)
  • Russian Empire(1855-1865)
  • British Empire (1860-1870)
  • French Empire (1860-1870)
  • Mexican Republican Army (1860-1870)
  • Second Mexican Empire (1863-1867)
  • Spanish Empire (1860-1870)
  • The Ottoman Empire(1855-1866)
  • Kingdom of Greece(1855-1866)
  • Kingdom of Prussia (1860-1870)
  • Sweden-Norway(1860-1870)
  • Eastern rebels (1860-1870)
  • Imperial Japan
  • Shogunate
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • USA(1873-1876)
  • Zulu Kingdom(1870-1880)
  • Afghanistan(1870-1880)
  • United Kingdom: European corps(1870-1880)
  • United Kingdom: Colonial corps(1870-1880)
  • French Empire (1870-1871)
  • Third French Republic (1871-1880)
  • North German Confederation (1866-1871) *
  • Kingdom of Bavaria (1860-1871)
  • Russian Empire (1870-1880)
  • Ottoman Empire (1870-1880)
  • German Empire (1871-1880)
  • Austrian Empire (1860-1867)
  • Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1880)
  • Sweden-Norway(1870-1880)

Special thanks:
Pixelated Apollo
MIGHTYmapper 123
The Shermanator

We need your support:
Those who want to help in the development of the project will be able to financially support the development. Only voluntary donations. The project is non-commercial.

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The Anglo-Zulu War was fought in 1879 between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom. Following the Constitution Act, 1867 for the federation in Canada, by Lord Carnarvon, it was thought that similar political effort, coupled with military campaigns, might succeed with the African kingdoms, tribal areas and Boer republics in South Africa. In 1874, Sir Bartle Frere was sent to South Africa as High Commissioner for the British Empire to bring such plans into being. Among the obstacles were the presence of the independent states of the South African Republic and the Kingdom of Zululand and its army.

On January 22, 1879, two important battles took place, which will be narrated in the new single of the mission "1879: Zulu Dawn".


Take part in the battle with real historical figures and dress up the victory during the long battle at Rorke's Drift.


Have a Good Game!

Anglo-Zulu War

Anglo-Zulu War


New update Born in the Fire: America in development.

New version of mod on Moddb

New version of mod on Moddb

News 8 comments

We're back on moddb! And we want to share with you what happened to the mods for the last half year.

News of update September-October 2017

News of update September-October 2017

News 8 comments

News of update september-october 2017. A new missions, new factions and other in project updates.

New Update

New Update

News 2 comments

In the last update there have been big changes in the modification, and we want to share news with you!

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BitF:A 2-0-7 1D v.39-v.41

BitF:A 2-0-7 1D v.39-v.41

Patch 3 comments

Born in the Fire America V. v.41 build 23.03.2023. +patch v.39 +v.40

BitF:A 2-0-7 1D v.38

BitF:A 2-0-7 1D v.38

Full Version 1 comment

Born in the Fire America V. v.38 build 28.12.2022.

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.33

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.33

Patch 10 comments

Update Born in the Fire:America v.33 build 31/05/2020

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.32

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.32


Update Born in the Fire:America 2-0-7B v.32 15/04/2020

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.31

BitF:A 2-0-7B v.31

Full Version 12 comments

Born in the Fire America V. v.31 build 09.03.2020

Born in the Fire: America V. (OLD)

Born in the Fire: America V. (OLD)

Full Version 11 comments

Born in the Fire: America - New version

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Fedor_Chizh Creator
Fedor_Chizh - - 340 comments

New update is available. Of the main changes:
-Added 8 factions for the Napoleonic Era period.
-Sweden-Norway added for 1860-70 and 1870-80.
-The buckshot firing system has been changed, now it is a regular shot with a different charge, and not, as before, an additional weapon that broke the reloading system.
-Almost all skin meshes from 1800-1820 have been updated.
-Other minor changes.
The full list can be found in the change-log:

Reply Good karma+3 votes
randyarmy2000 - - 193 comments

Can anyone create cheat mod for this mod? Just 4 fun
Like spawn or could be classic AS2 skirmish map?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Tran11222 - - 83 comments

Can you add the 20th Maine into the Union faction ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Fedor_Chizh Creator
Fedor_Chizh - - 340 comments

I think it's possible, there is everything for this

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 688,640 comments

have u added new sp missions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Fedor_Chizh Creator
Fedor_Chizh - - 340 comments

Not yet, maybe there further

Reply Good karma+2 votes
wewow241 - - 12 comments

When will this version be updated to steam version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
COMRADEMATT - - 1,008 comments

Made a video on it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Fedor_Chizh Creator
Fedor_Chizh - - 340 comments

Updated with new version

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,640 comments

necesito saber cual version se necesita de men of war

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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