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Bombing Run (abbreviated BR) is a team-based gametype in the Unreal Tournament first-person shooter series, introduced in Unreal Tournament 2003. It can best be described as Unreal-style American football where the goal of the game is to grab the ball, take it through enemy territory, and score in the opposition's goal. Players can pass the ball to other teammates by launching the ball to them. The ball carrier drops the ball when they are killed. Just like American football's scoring system, if the ball carrier manages to run through the goal or launch the ball into it, the ball carrier's team is awarded with 7 and 3 points respectively. However the major similarity in Bombing Run and American football is the fact that the players of each team wear an excessive amount of armour. The ball carrier regenerates 5 hit points per second (by default) until the traditional health limit (100) is reached, but the ball carrier cannot attack while in possession of the ball.


Bombing Run, as described by the masters of the genre, is an all-out simulation of a generic team-versus-team ball game. BR-Football is just one map in this genre that simulates American football. It is a symmetrical map with 2 goals on either side of the field. This is not one of the stock maps packaged with the game.

In general, BR maps are geometrically symmetric with a single axial plane of symmetry, although this is not always the case. Bombing Run maps tend to have good open fields to pass, which include clever placement of ledges, platforms, etc. for trickjumping. These maps are usually quite big, which allows players to effectively retreat in order to defend one's own goal. Strategic weapon emplacements are also characteristic for the defenders to have an effective weapon to kill the ball carrier; the shock rifle and rocket launcher are favorites in BR and typically placed near the goal, although the offense may see it as tedious. The standard Bombing Run maps are most often played in the nwBR (normal weapon Bombing Run) version of the gametype, which shows how hard it is to make a balanced Bombing Run map. In the iBR (instagib Bombing Run) version, more custom-made maps are played, and tactics are not as effective because one hit with the super shock rifle (the instagib weapon) will instantly kill.

The same dynamics that are felt by football players, basketball players and other team-versus-team ball game players in their real-life games can be simulated and experienced while playing Bombing Run. However, due to the gametype's relatively high demand of physical and mental capacity, it has not gained much popularity and Epic Games plans to discontinue the gametype in Unreal Tournament 2007. Some people did not seem to appreciate maneuverability demands of the gametype. There have been several attempts to revive BR, with new servers which had better ping than the old school jolt server which was the only BR server for a long time in UT2004. BR is currently under another attempt to revive the gametype's popularity; the jolt BR server is not as popular as it once was, but there is a new BR server titled "UUTF & Friends public BR server".

Ball-handling and point system

There are several options that the player is faced with when they pick up the ball. The most instinctive option is to charge all the way to the enemy goal while attempting to dodge every shot for survival. It is very dangerous, but if the player manages to score this way, they (i.e. only the player) are rewarded 10 or 4 points if they run through the goal or launch the ball through it, respectively. Other teammates do not receive points, but the team's score increases by 7 or 3 (respectively).

The ball can also be passed to a teammate. When this is done and the ball carrier scores, the ball carrier's points are again determined by the system explained above. Half of the ball carrier's awarded points are also added to each teammate who had touched the ball during the possession. Hence, for example, if the ball carrier runs through the goal and receives 10 points, each teammate who touched the ball during the possession receives 5 points. If the ball is given to the opposition, the possession is over.

If the ball carrier is killed by an enemy player, the player receives 3 points for the kill plus 12 adrenaline. A ball carrier also receives 25 adrenaline when scoring a goal. In BR, the typical kill results in 2 adrenaline, as opposed to 5 adrenaline per kill in deathmatch (DM).

BR inculcates several key skills that are not predominant in the other gametypes of UT:

* Ball running
* Ball passing
* Field goal scoring
* Blocking

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RELEASE DATE: 3/23/2008
DEVELOPERS: [Programming] [Map Design]
V°oi@Y [Beta Testing - Server/Client Testing]

Special thanks to ÈX3]ßùZzèdÄGâiÑ, Voi@y, {AW}Stretchinya,,
BayKt, f14help, cobraxp, and everyone else who helped test this mod...

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Bombing Run RC2

Bombing Run RC2


Gameplay hasn't changed much from the classic BR game type. Vehicles and the Hoverboard are allowed. The ball carrier is allowed to fire his weapons/or...

Bombing 3 + Music

Bombing 3 + Music


This is a team-based gametype in the Unreal Tournament first-person shooter series, introduced in Unreal Tournament 2003. It can best be described as...


A pity that the majority of mods are now hard to find...

Also, Gamefront doesn't let me download files because of the ******** File Transfer Policy...which basically means a majority of packs are now unreachable to me...

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I've uploaded all the missing ones from ModDB. If you are having trouble finding a mod, contact me via PM (use To: TheUnbeholden).

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relic74 Creator

there is a ps3 version of the bombing run mod found on however it is only cooked for version 1.54 I think. after the final patch problems arose that we have yet to address, so a ps3 version of the final release is not in the works unless a fix is found. hope this helps.

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relic74 Creator

this is relic, team leader of the br mod. as soon as we have our final release candidate we will cook the maps for porting over to the ps3.

btw the OFFICIAL site for our mod is at .. not

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Bombing Run can be downloaded from this site as followed, and this is also has a download lick to it as followed,

have fun

stars out!

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Hi, I was just wondering if you had any info about this mod's release or anything? Whenever it is released, could you guys cook your mod using the tools Epic gave out so that a PS3 owner could also experience this. Thanks alot guys. And good luck.

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