Blood and Iron is a modification for Napoleonic wars set mainly between 1870 and 1880. The aim is to give the players a good representation of the era, balanced and fun game-play, immersive maps, and a generally good time. The third update is currently under development, and it will bring you lots of new possibilities and two new factions.

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I will briefly talk about the state of artillery in the next Blood and Iron update.

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One of the most noticeable changes which you will see when the next version of the mod comes around, will be the updates and improvements to the current artillery pieces, along with an introduction of a few more big guns.

Firstly, we would like to announce the replacement of all Napoleonic Wars guns, there are no more swivel guns, mortars, cannonades; this also means the removal of almost all static artillery pieces. We have replaced those guns with full functional field guns, which will be used by the new factions.

Armstrong Field Gun

(above: Armstrong Field Gun)

In addition to this, all of the guns, with the exception of two, have been changed to breech loaders. It is now much quicker to reload these masters of the battlefield owing to modern late 19th century technological advancements. It is alongside the fantastic invention that was breech loaded artillery, that we have removed the recoil from the guns of this time period. During the late 19th century, through improvements in gun carriages, firing mechanisms, and just general "making things better" engineers were able to ensure that cannons remained roughly where they stood when fired. This cuts down the time between shots greatly: unleash your new and improved artillery upon the field of battle!

Furthermore, thanks to rifling it was impossible to use cannister shot anymore. The mod now reflects this by replacing cannister with explosive shells. The choices for gunners are now between solid and explosive, both have their advantages and disadvantages.


(above: Parrott Rifle Field Gun)

Let's break down the new artillery a bit! I'll list out the new guns, their type (field or static), and who they belong to/are used by.

  • Reffye 85mm breech loading field gun - used by France
  • Krupp breech loading field gun - used by Prussia
  • Parrott Rifle muzzle loading field gun - used by Great Britain
  • Armstrong breech loading field gun - used by the United States and Japan (purchased from the US)
  • Naval Armstrong breech loading static gun
  • Dahlgren muzzle loading static gun for use in fortifications
  • Gatling machine gun - used by the United States and Great Britain (purchased from the US)


(above: Gatling Machine Gun)


(above: Reffye 85mm Breech Loaded Field Gun)


very nice! cant wait for the new version! :D

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very cool!

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wait update

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Beyond Epic!

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My friend had recently had some issues using the mod on a mac. We were able to install it by sending him the module files and for the most part it worked but there seems to be an issue where most textures are white/mirrors. The skybox is still fine same with some trees but the rest is this weird mirror. We checked the texture folder and nothing is missing, some help would be appreciated.

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