This modification for Blood 2 will attempt to reiginite the fires of this classic FPS.

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I have uploaded the fourth installment of my Blood 2 mod. This latest version includes several new features and does not require any of the previous versions of the mod to work.

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Fire FX for burnt flaming characters and fire rising up out of burn barrels looks like the one's used by the Red Divine Zealot's projectile when it hits the wall.
Grenade Launchers now use 5 rounds per shot instead of 1.
Bug Buster uses 2 rounds for the secondary attack instead of 5 and both fire modes only shoot 5 projectiles now.
The Minigun's primary attack is now the same as the original primary fire, it does not have any spin up, and it has a 1 second wind down.
The Minigun's secondary attack shoots twice as fast as the primary fire mode, it has a 1.5 second spin up, it uses 4 rounds per shot, and it has a 3 second wind down.
The Sniper Rifles damage rate has been increased by 10 points to allow one to be able to kill a Shikari with 1 shot, and it's fire animation has been sped up by removing the manual reload animation after every shot.
The Tesla Cannon's primary fire rate has been doubled.
Tweaked the Cultists', Fanatics', and Civilians' AI using the Shikari's AI values for reference.
Increased the Napalm Launcher's damage rates.
Increased the Howitzer's damage rates.
Reduced Gas Grenade's Timer to 2 instead of 3, and also made them do fire damage instead of explosion damage.
If you start a new game each character starts with their own designated weapon:
Caleb - Double Barrel Shotgun & 100 shells
Ophelia - Beretta & 200 Bullets
Gabriella - Minigun & 200 Bullets
Ishmael - The Orb & 400 Focus
The Bug Buster now does acid damage on characters.
Knife damage has been increased.


Good to see this mod is still under active development :)

Will try it ASAP, currently I can't download anything with the connection I have...

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VGames Author

Let me know what you think. And don't forget to rate this mod.

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Excellent effort on the orb man! That's exactly the way it's supposed to work! They even touch the model they're damaging now. The new flames might look better if they were bigger but to each his own. Also, doubling the amount of time a dead corpse burns would add some grittiness but again, that's just me nit picking.

Suggestions for the behemoth: Double walking/ running speed. Shrink his hit detection box so he can get through narrow or low geometry. Add naga's laser attack.

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VGames Author

I'll look into all those suggestions for the next release. Thanks for the comments.

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Hmmm, seeing as this mod has ground to a halt, it's time for some pointless suggestifications. Of all the explosives in the game, the triggered detonator is the least dangerous to player if badly thrown. Why not double its explosive damage and replace all detonators with its code and skin. That way you get a somewhat useful weapon that player has modest control over even if thrown badly.

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