This modification for Blood 2 will attempt to reiginite the fires of this classic FPS.

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Version 5 of my Extra Crispy mod for Blood 2 has finally been released. I'm very excited and I hope that it brings some new blood to the Blood community. I have also uploaded the source code for this mod to further try igniting the fires of the community.

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Here is what's in store for you in this version of Extra Crispy.

Trailer YouTube Link:

New Weapon and Ammo Features:
Default Loadouts-
Gave all of the characters a Beretta along with their character specific weapon.
Gave Ophelia a Voodoo Doll for her character specific weapon.

Chosen Knives-
The Chosen Knives now make fragments fly off of stone or wooden walls and objects when they hit them and not just metal walls and objects.
The Chosen Knives no longer gib enemies.

Restored muzzle flash lighting.
Made Beretta primary fire mode shoot slower.
Made Beretta secondary fire mode shoot faster.
Made new animation for alt fire mode.

Restored muzzle flash lighting.

Double Barrel Shotgun-
Removed rust from the skin textures.
Restored spent shotgun shells ejected from weapon.

The Flaregun's damage rates have been decreased but are still higher then the original settings.
The Flaregun's alt and primary projectiles do the same amount of damage.
The Flaregun's projectiles now have gravity features that make them fall to the ground after they travel so far.
Removed the Flaregun projectiles' blast radius.
The Flaregun's alt fire projectiles now stick to badguys just like the primary fire projectiles do.
The Flaregun's alt fire projectiles no longer travel in a specific formation and instead scatter like a shotgun blast.

Assault Rifle-
Removed the Assaultrifle alt fire reload animation.
Edited the skin texture to make the M16 look like it has an actual grenade launcher attachment and not something that was duct taped to it.
Grenades will explode when they come in contact with enemies.

Sniper Rifle-
Restored muzzle flash lighting.
Added new silver BMG shell casings for the Sniper Rifle.

Vulcan Minigun-
Doubled the Vulcan Minigun's bullet damage.
vulcan Minigun bullets make particle fragments when hitting walls like the other bullet based weapons.
Muzzle Smoke has been added to the Vulcan Minigun.
The Vulcan Minigun's secondary fire mode will fire off bullets as it spins up and also as it winds down delivering a full on bullet storm from
beginning to end.

Juggernaut Grenade Launcher-
Replaced the Bug Buster weapon with a Juggernaut Grenade Launcher that uses 60mm Grenade ammo.
The Juggernaut Grenade Launcher's primary fire mode shoots one explosive grenade that bounces off objects and the secondary fire mode shoots 5 bouncing gas grenades
at the same time.
Increased the range and damage for the Juggernaut's Gas Grenade.
The Juggernaut's gas grenade's initial fiery explosion damage radius has been reduced.
Grenades will explode when they come in contact with enemies.
*Cheat code remains the same - MPBUGBUSTER - couldn't change it*

New Juggernaut Grenade Launcher

Napalm Cannon-
Ammo usage for the primary fire mode has been increased from 1 to 10.

The Howitzer now fires an actual projectile and does not instantly hit its mark anymore.
The Howitzer's projectiles now have gravity features that make them fall to the ground after they travel so far.
Howitzer Mini Bomblet explosions now create smoke streams like other explosions.

Tesla Cannon-
Tesla Cannon now uses 1 round of ammo instead of 2 per shot for its primary fire mode.
Added original Blood 1 firing sound effects.

Cabalco Death Ray-
Replaced the weapon models for the Cabalco Death Ray.
Remade the sound effects for the Cabalco Death Ray.
The Cabalco Death Ray's primary fire mode now fires a constant energy beam after a quick charge up that blows enemies to pieces as long as the fire key is held down.
The Cabalco Death Ray's secondary fire mode now fires 4 bouncing energy beams like the primary fire mode use to.
Added idle sound effects to the Cabalco Death Ray.

New Cabalco Death Ray Model

Singularity Generator-
Made Singularity Generator vortex last a little longer for the primary and secondary fire.
Gave the Singularity Generator a muzzle flash lighting effect.
Singularity Generator now uses 25 ammo instead of 50 for its primary fire mode and 50 ammo in stead of 100 for its secondary fire mode.
Added idle sound effects to the Singularity Generator.

The Orb-
Replaced the Orb's alt projectile with an explosive Orb projectile that you no longer steer to your enemy.
The Orb's primary projectile velocity has been increased.
The Orb's alt fire mode is twice as fast as the primary fire mode.
The Orb's explosive alt projectile flies a little faster then the primary Orb projectile.

Voodoo Doll-
Voodoo Doll now also does Fire, Electric, Acid, and Explosive type damages along with Normal damage.
Voodoo Doll now explodes enemies when using its Alt Fire Mode.

Life Leech-
Made Life Leech alt attack burn enemies to death.

12 Gauge Shredder-
Replaced the Combat Shotgun with a high tech multi barreled auto shotgun called the 12 Gauge Shredder which fires 2 rounds at a time for its primary fire mode,
and utilizes Fuel Ammo for its flamethrower secondary fire mode which lights things on fire to deal damage over time.
*Cheat code remains the same - MPCOMBATSHOTGUN - couldn't change it*

Made a lie flat model for the Flayer weapon pickup.
Made draw animation for Flayer weapon.
The Flayer's primary fire mode will now shoot 5 chains at once in a spread formation.
The Flayer's alternate attack searches for enemies in a smaller area which cuts down on it trying to find them in other rooms.

Proximity and Timed Bombs-
Promximity Bombs do electrical damage and have green electrical explosion FX.
Timed Bombs do fire damage and have fiery explosion FX.
Timed Bombs blow up after 2 seconds now.

Ammo and Item Pickups-
Doubled Die Bug Die ammo.
Turned Die Bug Die ammo into 60mm Grenade ammo.
Ammo amounts obtained from ammo pickups have been increased.
Ammo amounts obtained from weapon pickups have been tweaked.
Completely removed the Seeing Eye item from the game by replacing it in the maps with MediKits and removing it from the "mpgoshopping" cheat command.
Increased the time it takes to run out of the Night Vision Goggles.
Max Fuel Ammo has been increased from 200 to 300.
You now start out with the Flashlight as a default inventory item.
The Flashlight's light radius has been doubled.
The Flashlight will more then likely never run out.
The Flashlight has been removed from the "mpgoshopping" cheat command.

Made more weapons dual wieldable-
Vulcan Minigun
Singularity Generator
Death Ray
Bug Buster *Now the Juggernaut Grenade Launcher*
Assault Rifle
Combat Shotgun

Dual Vulcan Cannons
Dual Singularity Generators
Dua Howitzers
Dual Assault Rifles
New Dual 12 Gauge Shredders

Moved severalweapons forward to see more of the model-
Mac 10
Vulcan Minigun
Life Leech

All bullet based weapons now have tracer effects.

All shotgun shells now eject downwards.

New Enemy Features:
Several enemies now spawn other enemies as they are loaded into the maps. So the number of enemies in maps has been doubled in many areas.

Civilians have been replaced with Cultists.

All Cultists' clothing have been updated and their 3D model has been replaced to allow them better combat movements, better hitbox detection, and more compatibility with particle FX and weapons.
Cultists are armed with whatever theyre assigned in the map in standard Blood 2, and in the Nightmare Levels they use only Double Barrel Shotguns.
Added screaming sound effects while burning to death.

New Cultists

Doubled the Fanatic's hitpoints.
When the Fanatics self destruct 1 of 2 things will happen to them. They will either explode as usual or their bodies are ripped to pieces and a Shikari that is dwelling in them bursts out from its confines too kill you.
Added screaming sound effects while burning to death.

Prophets are now more cybernetic in appearance and sound, and pose a bigger threat with increased armor.
Prophets use combat Shotguns as their primary weapon.
The Prophet's knife attack is much faster now.
The Prophet will now shoot at you as he performs a roll dodge.

New Prophets

Zealots and Divine Zealots-
Made the Zealots and Divine Zealots much more difficult by speeding up their attacks and making them teleport more often.
Zealots will drop an Orb weapon pickup when killed as long as they float into the air when they die.
Divine Zealots will drop a Flayer weapon pickup when killed as long as they float into the air when they die.

Souldrudges will no longer walk to you when they spot you, they will always run at you.
Souldrudge's attacks have been greatly sped up.
Souldrudges can now run through destructable map objects to get to you.

Shikaris can now run through destructable map objects to get to you.

Drudge Lords-
Made the Drudge Lord's fireballs slower when flying.
Drudge Lord's melee attacks have been greatly sped up.

Drudge Priests-
Drudge Priest drops Bone Leeches every 3 seconds now.
Made Drudge Priest more aggressive

Deathshroud difficulty inceased by increasing speed of movement, animations, and amount of projectiles fired when attacking.
Visibility has been decreased significantly.
Added new attacking sounds.

Behemoths can now run through destructable map objects to get to you.
Behemoths will no longer walk to you when they spot you, they will always run at you.

Mad Scientist-
The Mad Scientist will drop the Death Ray weapon pickup when killed.

Revenant Chosen-
All of the undead Revenant Chosen enemies now explode after being killed, but undead Gabriella and Ophelia will not float into the air before they explode
like undead Ishmael does.

Made all bosses way more difficult to fight by increasing their health and tweaking their abilities to hear, sense, smell, see, and attack.
Made all of the bosses less cheap and much more entertaining to fight by reconfiguring their projectiles and attacks.

New Blood and Gore Features:
Made the fire on burning bodies bigger.

Added new blood splat sprites.

More blood and gore FX are allowed in a map at the same time.

More gibs are spawned when bodies are blown up.
Blood droplets from gibs have been set to their orignal settings and are bigger now.

Added a new skin for default electric deaths.
Added a new skin for default acid deaths.
Added a new skin for default fire deaths.
Added Death Skins for the following enemies which will show different types of damage to their bodies when killed in different ways:

Ancient One Boss
Drudge Lord
Drudge Priest
Mad Scientist
Naga Boss
Nightmare Boss
Souldrudge - *Only has one default skin now*
Dead Gabriella
Dead Ishmael
Dead Ophelia
Undead Gideon

Normal Death
Electrical Death
Fire Death
Acid Death
Non Gibbed Explosion Death

New particle effects added to electrocuted enemies.
New particle effects added to acid burned enemies.

Shikaris will now sometimes spawn legs, arms, and a head when blown up like some of the other enemies.
Drudge Lords will now sometimes spawn arms when blown up like some of the other enemies.
Drudge Priests will now sometimes spawn arms when blown up like some of the other enemies.
Behemoths will now sometimes spawn legs and arms when blown up like some of the other enemies.

The Hand has more blood on his skin texture.

New Gameplay, Map, and Miscellaneous Features:
Added the ability to play all of the original Blood 2 singelplayer maps and the Nightmare Levels singleplayer maps in cooperative mode.
Added 3 new custom maps from the B2K5 project that can be played in solo and coop.

Added Wobak's Widescreen Patch.

Reduced weapon swaying while moving.
Reduced camera shaking from close quarters explosions.
Removed all wonky vision caused by the gas grenades or the Thief tick sucking on the back of your head.

Blood 2 Intro video now plays even if you're using the Nightmare Levels Expansion Pack.

More blood is spilled from bullet impacts. More gore in general.

Extra Gore

The "MPKFA" cheat command now gives each character 7 extra weapons on top of the 3 weapons they start with by default that were selected because of their character stats and it enables infinite ammo for all weapons and bombs.

All projectiles that should cause fire damage now cause fire damage.

Added wanted posters for the chosen that replace posters found in maps.
Fixed a lot of neon signs not showing up properly.
Replaced Gideon poster with one that doesn't make him look like Ric Flair.

Replaced the default helicopter model with a much better one.
Removed Lie-Flat models for Keys and Keycard Pickups aswell as all magical weapon pickups.

All Fire FX use the same sprites now.
Added thick, lingering smoke to most explosions at different sizes depending on the explosion size.
More fragments are emmitted when bullets impact walls and objects.
Impact smoke from bullets are twice as big now.
Replaced some stone debris to get rid of the odd looking ones.

Increased the light radius for all muzzle flash lighting.

Your saved games are now saved into a folder entitled "ExtraCrispy" inside of the primary "Save" folder to allow you to save your games in vanilla Blood 2 or
other mods without interfering with your Extra Crispy experience.

The multipliers for enemy armor, health, and weapon damage has been reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 for the Medium Difficulty setting since the Easy Difficulty multiplier
was 0.25 and the Hard Difficulty multiplier was 1.0.

Replaced some animations for the Chosen to make them not use rifle animations with single handed weapons.

Reconfigured the Chosens' stats to make each of them have their own gameplay style to add to the replayability of the singleplayer campaign.

Download Mod Here:

Blood 2 Extra Crispy version 5.0

Download Source Here:

Blood 2 Extra Crispy version 5.0 Source Code

Loving play Ishmael! So powerful!
About Hi-Res and crashes: Try this new Blood 2 patch from Dege! No one single crash when loading levels!

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weapon viewmodel fov is quite ****** huge

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VGames Author

Elaborate please.

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Impressive work and changelog! :)

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VGames Author

Thank u. Version 5 made greater strides then all other releases due to the fact that I was finally able to edit the source on my main PC. Before I was transferring data from a very old PC that was compatible with all of the software necessary to edit this game. This took a lot of time and so I was hesitant to experiment. But once I got it going on my main PC things just took off.

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"The multipliers for enemy armor, health, and weapon damage has been reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 for the Medium Difficulty setting since the Easy Difficulty multiplier
was 0.25 and the Hard Difficulty multiplier was 1.0."

Thank goodness for that! Is that game was a little too difficult above easy much like the original Blood for my taste, a much fairer middle-ground for the average person. Also nice work on all the weapons and cultists in particular, the gameplay is much smoother in general than what I remember as a result.

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Reposted from steam:

"I notice that although mostly everything is better,there is a severe lack of life essence,and i cant pick up medkits.Anyone else have this problem?"

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A patch to E.C. for blood2 is currently being contemplated. Possible changes include return of the civilins.

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Sorry, i'm very bad about to find the game download. Can anyone help me?
How or where can i download Blood II game?

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Have you tried or steam?

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