All started with the HER series many years ago, then the Epic Frontlines Mod to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was born with the most complete and vast gameplay options that ANY game or mod reached before. Now everything it's beeing ported to Call of Duty Black Ops to become the new beast in FPS history. Fear your Enemy! Enjoy the War!

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How to setup the BOTs on your server, and how to teach the IS to manage the BOTs for you.

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The AI Soldiers is part of the IS of Black Frontlines, so it's just another feature with real time changes.

In the Default config the server comes configurated as to keep 14 players on the server, if there's not enough players online, the IS will complete the match with the number of bots needed to complete 14 players.

This means also that if you have 14 players on the server, the bots will not be added.

To setup yourself the bots these are the dvars you need to understand.

DVARS wrote: fl_setDvar("fl_bots", 1); // auto-bots 0=OFF/1=ON
fl_setDvar("fl_bots_max", 14); // auto-bots max - set max number of auto-bots (2-30)
fl_setDvar("fl_bot_num", 0); // num of bots if auto-bots is off
fl_setDvar("fl_bots_coop", 0); // 1=Bots do Objectives in COOP mode (this make the Missions REALLY harder!)/0=Off

So if have less players than that number, the IS will add bots until hit that number of players online. If the server already have that number or even more players, the IS will not add any bot.

On the NUKETOWN map was added a limit of 10 bots to avoid unplayable matches while the IS is in the Control of the Bots.

But you can turn off the Auto-Bots and set a fixed number of bots at fl_bot_num dvar, will add that number of bots to each map, doesn't matter how many players your server have on that moment.

But this may cause really bad gameplay in smaller maps if you have many players online, like 20 in NUKETOWN for exemple.

In the SQUAD MODE you can set also how many bots you want to have in another side to each player connected on the server on the fl_squad_bots dvar. So if is set 4, we gonna have matches 1(Player)X4(Bots), 2(Players)X8(Bots)... 4(Players)X16(Bots)... for exemple.

DVAR wrote: fl_setDvar("fl_squad_bots", 4); // 1-10 Number of bots for each Human Player

You also can setup the Skills of the bots aside the default skill of Black Frontlines is the tweeked to act more like humans, with more intelligence and less unreal reflexes as possible, without being stupid.

There's FOUR options to set the Skills of the Bots:

"easy" very stupid bots
"normal" default and recommend skill
"hard" very unreal reflexes and movements
"fu" ultra unreal reflexes, movements, shots...

"fu" seams that means "fuck you", and they are better than any cheater you ever heard about, all with wallhack and they will find you whenever you are...

WARNING! these other levels were NOT created or tweeked by myself, that's why I recommend you to play with the bots at "normal" which were tweeked to play Black Frontlines.

Aside that, all Skills are capable to do ALL objectives of ALL gametypes available.

Simple add this line to the frontlines.cfg file if you need to change the Skills:

bot_difficulty "normal"

Everything working just fine , but i dont get it to work that the bot's spawn. The mod works just fine in the server , but only Human side , no bots.

What im doing wrong.

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