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All started with the HER series many years ago, then the Epic Frontlines Mod to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was born with the most complete and vast gameplay options that ANY game or mod reached before. Now everything it's beeing ported to Call of Duty Black Ops to become the new beast in FPS history. Fear your Enemy! Enjoy the War!

If you don't have ANY idea of what Frontlines is, you can take a fast look @ or take a tour in all details of the HUGE mod @

First Blood Tests First Blood Tests New Parachute - Air View

Black Frontlines Tutorial : Online

Features wrote: Realism

. The famous Frontlines Damage Feedback
. HER - Hajas Extreme Realism
. Frontlines Blood


. Frontlines CTF gametype, counts each capture as a match point, not just a round point like the original.
. Chopper Points giving 10 point to each shot hit in enemy Choppers. 250 pts for explosive hits.
. You can hit the Choppers of your own team! Same points as above but NEGATIVE!
. Anyone can be wounded (LastStand) accordly with the place of the shot, weapon, etc...
. You will get some problems when be wounded, like close your eyes for while to avoid unreal reflexes after get shot
. Wounded you can switch weapons, throw grenades, etc...
. Only a MEDIC can heal wounded friends with REVIVE in their heads
. Frontlines HelpMode (bots can play and save, but are too stupid to keep firing into wounded soldiers)
. All Wanger gametypes converted to Frontlines. You can play them in the SAME server/rotation.
. Frontlines Coop Missions (play Cooperative Missions in MP maps! With or Without Help Mode!) Details
. Frontlines Classes (Will give random GOOD weapons to the default classes)
. Frontlines Killstreaks (Will give random or selected Hardpoints to the default classes)
. Medic Class
. M16 is now Full Auto
. Airborne Support to all 26 maps (all DLC inclued!) Details
. Airborne Gametype (MP and COOP) Details
. Airborne Mode to ALL gametypes and Coop Missions Details
. Squad Mode to ALL gametypes

AI Soldiers (Bots) Details Setup

. Bots to ALL gametypes and tweeked to be more human
. Medic Bots will look for wounded friends and save them
. Bots will Plant/Disarm bombs and fight to get the bomb
. Bots will Capture/Defend Flags in Domination
. Bots will Capture/Defend HQs in Headquarters
. Bots will Capture/Recover Flags in CTF
. Bots will fight for the DOCs in Airborne gametype and Recover/Upload them


. HARDLINE perk make you now a MEDIC, the killstreek -1 doesn't work anymore.
. HARDLINE PRO perk will heal faster and the killstreaks options will remains as the original
. SECOND CHANCE and SECOND CHANCE PRO perks will give you extra time wounded
. FLAK JACKET perk is now real, you will feel the impact of the explosive and will get time to recover to get up and fight again, but you will survive.
. FLAK JACKET PRO perk will make you recover faster and get less damage against fire, but will not be imune to fire anymore like the original
. fall damage improved to avoid unreal jumps
. LIGHTWEIGHT PRO perk will give you less damage in fall damage, but not will make you imune anymore
. HACKER perk will plant/disarm bombs 2x faster than other players
. HACKER PRO perk still can revert/disarm explosives
. GHOST PRO perk can be detected by infrared and sentries.


. Frontlines Intelligent Server ported with Anti-Camping, Random Gametypes, Random maps, size rotation, weapons tweeks, etc... with the new option to enable Bots when the server have less players. Details

==== Black Frontlines Development Status ====

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=== Fear your Enemy! Enjoy the War! ===

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Yes! A full remake of this single player map from Modern Warfare 2 with SEVERAL new areas and shortcuts was created with my friend HUGO from Argentina. Is by far the biggest map of the project!

Above you can watch a gameplay test with bots and even a storm! Enjoy!

The brand new map Babilônia is coming very soon to Call of Duty Rio!

Call of Duty Rio is in TOP 100 of MOTY 2021!

Thank you very much for your vote! Muito Obrigado pelo seu voto!

We are the only Call of Duty mod in the TOP 100! Now we will dream for a higher position this year!

Please VOTE for Call of Duty Rio selecting Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare then Call of Duty Rio!

Valeu galera pela moral na votação! Agora estamos na FINAL e precisamos novamente do seu voto!

Depois de logado, clique no link acima escolha Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare e depois clique em VOTE em cima do Call of Duty Rio. Somos o único mod de Call of Duty no TOP 100.

Call of Duty Rio Call of Duty Rio

Topo da Rocinha Call of Duty Rio


New Map + New Gametypes

New Map + New Gametypes

News 3 comments

The new map Jacaré is already online! Armored Cars ready are for new Gametypes arriving very soon!

Call of Duty Rio is in TOP 100 of MOTY 2021

Call of Duty Rio is in TOP 100 of MOTY 2021

News 4 comments

Call of Duty Rio is in TOP 100 of MOTY 2021! Thank you very much!!!

Call of Duty Rio for MOTY 2021

Call of Duty Rio for MOTY 2021

News 4 comments

Vote for Call of Duty Rio in MOTY 2021. A Total Convertion of COD4!

Call of Duty vs Libertadores 2019

Call of Duty vs Libertadores 2019

News 2 comments

A new map based in the most important match in South America, the grand Final of Libertadores de América 2019 between Flamengo (Brasil) x River Plate...

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Black Frontlines 1.0

Black Frontlines 1.0

Full Version 37 comments

The Epic Mod is back! With Airborne support, Coop Missions, Squad Mode, Help Mode, AI Soldiers, IS, AC, Blood, Gore and LOTS more!

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Is there a way just to get the bot updates? Thanks

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Hajas Creator

I don't think so

Reply Good karma+1 vote

can I get modes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hajas Creator

The mod comes with everything enabled by default, will load random on each map. If you want to force for exemple play all the time COOP Mode, just change the config files as written in the docs of the mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi for some reason i cant get this mod to create my own server. Sometimes, it says that i dont have the map, which is one of the default maps and most of the time it hangs on synchronizing game settings. Can somebody assist me? I want to setup my own private server where i can play against bots.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

The mod comes ready to play as a Client, make sure you have ALL files in the right places. To start a game alone you will need ALL the files (download here) while to play online you can play just with the auto-downloaded files. If you still have problems, please post details in my forum and I will help you. Cheers

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Is it possible to play this mod without hardcore settings? Tried to disable but nothing seemed to work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

You just need to turn off Hardcore mode, at server.cfg file change scr_hardcore "1" to scr_hardcore "0". Enjoy! :D

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Are you gonna do the next versions ? I know it's so long from when this mod came out, but you wanted to do the version 8.0 with final bots. I can't play with these on your server, because they are somehow broken and spam scorestreaks... + The waiting times are reallyyy long (3mins)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Hajas Creator

broken? our server is online since the release of the game with several players from all around the world. we use all maps from dlcs, if one is loaded and you don't have you will be disconnected sadly.

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