Download this huge 700MB mod to play L4D2 with an intense set of carefully crafted sounds & meticulously edited music. Replaces over 1,250 sound files to give your game a terrifying new feel. Also comes with HQ custom texture replacements. Download now for more information and installation instructions that can be found in the mod's ReadMe file.

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Splendid work! Wonderful! Thank you!


A really good sound mod, with a lot of different sounds for Left 4 Dead 2. This gives the user a whole new experience because of a massive load of sounds.

If you don't want the weapon-sounds, but want to keep the others, then you can just disable those sounds in the add-ons menu and keep the rest - thumbs up for that!

One of the only problems I have, is that it quickly becomes repitetive - just like the original sounds. It's still sounds better, but you'll get used to it pretty fast and then they just feel like the normal sounds.

Overall: A fantastic sound-mod with a lot of really cool sounds. It has a fine system in add-ons menu, so that you can easily keep this and disable that. The only problem is that it feels like normal sounds pretty fast and then you won't notice it that much.
Still, I'll defiantly recommend this!


This mod is AMAZING. Makes the game scarier and more intense.

Best paedophile subplots ever.


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Top quality custom sounds for L4D2.


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