Beyond Earth Year 2200. The consequences of the Great Mistake can be seen everywhere. Famines, floods, overpopulation and more. From war and instability new nations emerged and the old ones perished. The humankind faces an era of cutting-edge technology, followed by new philosophical views never seen before which are now radicalizing nations all over the world in order to restore the true essence of humanity and deal with mother nature.

Post feature RSS HOI4 Beyond Earth: Eurasia, Siberia and Army Group South Teaser

I added one of the teasers in an article but it got archived for some reason, so i will include it here too. We will leak Central Asia and Karelia next! Join our discord and stay tuned!!!

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Our discord here! We keep looking for any kind of help, mainly GOOD WRITERS and a TECH TREE CODER!!. All feedback is welcome!

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