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Expand your prison with some brand new production chains including a mine, a smeltery and much more!
This mod is in current development, so there is going to be new content on a daily basis!

GameplayAs with most things in PA you first have to research: In this case Mining & Melting. This research requires you to have Prison Labour researched first (so do that). When your research is completed you can build a Mining and a Melting area. In order to have prisoners working there they need to pass a reform program, either Mining or Melting Instruction (depending on where they are going to work). When training is completed and you assigned prison labour to the areas your prisoners will start working depending on your regime.

You might notice that melting wont start immediately after a worker loaded the furnace, this is due to the fact that you need five ores in order to melt one metal block in the furnace. Burning fife coal ores will result in one industrial diamond.

FeaturesAll the new additions provided by this mod!

Reform Programs

  • Mining Instruction.
    About half as difficult as the foundation education program
  • Melting Instruction.
    About half as difficult as the general education program
  • Goldsmithery Instructions
    10% more difficult than carpentry + requires Melting Instruction to be completed.


  • Mining & Melting.
    Costs 1.000$ & Takes six hours


  • Mining Area
    Designated area that must be outside and contain at least one mine. You probably want to have more. Prisoners can work there
  • Melting Area
    Designated indoor area that contains furnaces to process the ores into more valuable materials. Prisoners can work there
  • Goldsmiths Workshop
    Designated indoor area that must contain a workbench and a table. Prisoners can manufacture jewelry out of the mined materials. Prisoners can work there


  • Pickaxe (Metal, Weapon, Deals 20 dmg)


  • Mine
    Costs 1.000$ to build. Has a 40% chance to find nothing. Has a 10% chance to find Gold or Silver ores. Has a 40% chance to find coal. Can be dumped and rebuilt on the same spot to yield a different result. (Will change in the future)
  • Furnace
    Costs 2.000$ to build. Has the following fail chances: 20% for coal, 30% for silver, 40% for gold. In case of failure it will output garbage instead of the produced material.
  • Workbench
    Costs 500$ to build. Has the following fail chances 50% for gold necklaces. In case of failure it will output garbage.


  • Mined Coal 100$
  • Mined Silver 150$
  • Mined Gold 200$
  • Industry Diamond 1.000$
  • Silver Block 1.500$
  • Gold Block 2.000$
  • Golden Necklace 5.000$

How production works

  • 5 Mined Coal makes 1 Industry Diamond (Fail Chance: 20%)
  • 5 Mined Silver makes 1 Silver Block (Fail Chance: 30%)
  • 5 Mined Gold makes 1 Gold Block (Fail Chance: 40%)
  • 2 Gold Blocks make 1 Golden Necklace (Fail Chance: 50%)


  • English
  • German (future release)
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Better Mining and Production
Better Mining and Production
Better Mining and Production
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