New version release 4.3

With this mod you can now play with Belgium, join the allies, the axis or the Soviet Union. Create your own alliance and become a master of Europe and the world. Revive old Burgundy or build a new empire. Replay the story or change it with the destiny of Belgium in your hands.

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Belgique 5 dev log


March 30, 2020
Currently the mod is updated for version 1.9.1 beta 3 of the game. This beta does not update all the French translation files which makes a game in this language quite special.
For its part, the mod has received some corrections and additions.
See you soon for more content and updates.

March 21, 2020

Hello everyone and sorry for my silence for some time.
I come with good news.
The mod is not dead is still in development. But what will this new version bring?
First a reworked Belgian focus tree, new events, a new series of personalized rules including one that allows to divide the Reich into several nations.
Then new graphic content. with mainly new icons for political parties. this currently affects a small part of the countries of the game. But the major countries should all receive historical badges for the different ruling parties during the game. but that's not all, new ideas, a code reworked for less lag , new triggers and much, much more.

The release date of the mod depends on the release of patch 1.9.1 in its official and final version. Until then, I will try to add content, fix bugs and increase the fun of my mod.

Given the major changes made, the mod is moving more and more towards a wider mod and no longer affecting only Belgium but other countries. The confinement due to COVID, allows me to think, implement and realize an ever increasing number of ideas.
See you soon, for the publication of the mod.

02 March 2020

Small point on the update for version 1.9 of the game.
After long hours of research, many bugs for the most part insignificant but disturbing have been fixed. This damn version 1.9 and this new DLC do not facilitate modding.

Currently I am in the retranslation phase of the mod, most of the bugs were due to localization files. So I had to thoroughly review the French versions, until completely corrected. I hope I have succeeded. I should publish a multilingual version for next Monday (in a week). You can take advantage of this latest version of the mod and give me feedback.

Good game and good modding for those who do not give up hope.

February 28.
- technology trees to accommodate armored cars and reconnaissance planes
- names of the equipment named above
- three historic Belgian spies with colorized portrait (blue background)

- BEL country file
-file units
- gfx file
-files relating to Bavaria and Prussia

- state files which made Prussia and Bavaria appear as releasable countries. The new version 1.9 takes these countries, currently I do not know to what extent they are used.

The work continues ... next update this weekend.

February 27, 2020
Development log:
With the update 1.9, many corrections are necessary. Here is a list of what has already been done. And what remains to be done.

Fixed: graphical display bug
Fixed: idea file responsible for the crash when starting the game
Fixed: location file conflicting with the game
Fixed: .asset files for infantry, cavalry and tanks, now fully compatible with the game
Updated: puppet state files
Updated: modifier related to "Commissioners of Christ" idea
Updated: ideologies file
Updated: scenarios
Updated: Luxembourg focus tree (not really clean but it works)

Non-exhaustive list will be completed in the coming days. Be patient the new version of the mod should be released soon.

February 10, 2020

Hi all. I am back after several weeks of silence.
Good news, the mod update is progressing well.
In this update, more content, more ideas, more possibilities for Belgium. A wider focus tree and completely reworked. Currently under test, this update regularly receives some modifications.
As you know, all of my other mods are contained in this one. I will not update them anymore. I have only a short time to devote to modding, so this mod is and will remain my only personal work. After that a little surprise ...

See you soon for a finalized version.

January 01, 2020.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.
The development of the mod was paused for a while.
I haven't had much time for this in recent weeks.
However, good news, new year and resumption of development. Many changes are planned with new content and new possibilities.

I would release the new version of the mod when the new DLC is released. However I plan different versions of the mod. One for version 1.7.1, another for version 1.8.x and finally a last one for version 1.9.

I will be back soon with a full update on the changes.

Note: although the mod will still focus on Belgium other countries could be affected by this mod update. Evolving thus towards a more ambitious project.

November 14, 2019

Test to verify that the mod works without error on version 1.8 of the game

November 05, 2019

What's new in the next mod update:
1) Implementation of my "More Political" mod with some specific bonuses.
2) Now all ideologies can accommodate governments in exile and enjoy the related mechanics.
3) The possibility of a ceasefire has been added in political decisions.
4) The Belgian focus tree has been modified with more content.
5) Graphic content has been added
6) Military experiences now have a maximum of 750
7) The maximum power of the command has been doubled.
8) Minor changes have been made.

My mod covers the period 1936-1965, so part of the cold war, the game does not cover this period, so I plan to integrate some events that covers the period 1950-1965.

But in priority, some additional adjustments specific to Belgium.

See you soon for a next point of development.

October 15, 2019

New point on the development of version 4.3.

What was done:
- The defines.lua file has been replaced by another one that just changes the date, which leads to less error.
- The Belgian focus tree has been modified for more logic
- Decisions have been added and modified
- Some changes made to events (border war possible with the MTG DLC)
- Change in the interface (see image below)
- Code making the automatic exit of a country from a faction at the end of a peace conference if and only if the country concerned and the faction leader are of different ideologies and the country concerned is not a state puppet (only the AI ​​is concerned). This requires a test portion to verify proper operation.
- Translation of new elements in the languages ​​supported by mod.
- New graphic content

See you soon for a new point on the update.
You can always offer new content ideas.

Sans titre 2

October 11, 2019

Small point on the new update and mainly on what has already done.

Has been added:
New political and military advisers have been added.
Some, inherited from game "vanilla", have been removed or modified.
A new company, SNCB, has been added: accelerated infrastructure construction.
A new national spirit has been added. Political crisis in Belgium. it occurs when choosing the focus "Oppose Van Zeeland". Its effects last 120 days and as long as they last the political choice focuses are blocked.
Visual content

Has been corrected:
The recurring error about unreachable steam hits.

Scheduled in the coming days:
Fix the issue with the file.lua which must constantly be modified at each release of a game update. This should improve the compatibility with other mods.
Modify the branch of the focus tree that starts with "Consult France".
Event changes.
Maybe add a part of my mod: "More Political effect"
Modify some decisions and maybe add some.
Add an option so that countries with too different ideologies are not in the same faction in peacetime (and with low global tension)

See you soon for a new point on development

Belgique 4.3 Libra update dev log

Belgique 4.3 Libra update dev log


Welcome to the dev log for version 4.3 of the mod. This version will be compatible with the 1.7.1 update

Belgique 4.2.1

Belgique 4.2.1


Welcome to the dev log for version 4.2.1 of the mod. This version will be compatible with the 1.7 update of the game and the new DLC Man the Guns.

Belgique dev log

Belgique dev log


Welcome to the dev log for version of the mod. This version will be compatible with the 1.6.2 update of the game and the new DLC Man the Guns.

Belgique dev log

Belgique dev log


Welcome to the dev log for version of the mod. This version will be compatible with the 1.6.2 update of the game and the new DLC Man the Guns.

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Belgique 4.3 aka Libra update

Belgique 4.3 aka Libra update

Full Version 2 comments

Version of mod: 4.3 Supported version of the game: 1.7.1.



Full Version

This is a version intended for the version of the game 1.6.2 Version 4.1.3 of mod. This consists of an update. Read the full description for more details...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 50)


Al even geleden, Enig idee wanneer de nieuwe update er komt? of wacht je op de nieuwe DLC? Men vraag is dus of er enig nieuws is ?

MVG Robin,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
primesith Creator

Hallo, ik geloof dat de nieuwe versie van de mod enkele dagen na de release van de nieuwe DLC online zal zijn. Ik wil graag nieuwe politieke mogelijkheden bieden, vooral als de speler voor alternatieve geschiedenis kiest. Tot gauw.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Was ik dus, stond uitgelogd

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
primesith Creator

I am already working on a new update. With more historical content especially about political advisers.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
primesith Creator

Version 4.3 is out

Reply Good karma+2 votes

great job so far amigo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

great job so far amigo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Maybe also if yore leader of faction and one surrenders that the remaining forces can flee to you're country. And reassemble their government. like now with Britain

Regards Robin,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
primesith Creator

Hello Robie.
Very good idea. I do not really know how the system of government in exile works. I will study this on my return from vacation. (I do not take my PC on vacation). Thank you for your interest and your participation.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
primesith Creator

July 20, 2019
Update completed.
A list of compatible mods has also been added in the article containing the description of the mod (Belgium a world major v 4.2.1 description)
In case of problems please mention them below

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