Era mod for SWBF2 focused on recreating & capturing the feel of the television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

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All the changes to weapons, sound, and HUD are all masterfully executed. The models are especially great.

Do I really need to leave a review? The sides are stunning and the gameplay is perfect. There is a completely remastered HUD that truly stands out. There are even new sounds! Sounds from blasters are really good and when you’ve been hit or you hit an enemy you can hear click noises in the background to indicate just that.


Does a lot to change battlefront 2's sides.


Best TCW mod you can get right now.


This mod is amazing. I shouldn't even have to say that. The HUD is amazing, the classes are fun to play as, etc.. Would rate it a 10, but unfortunately isn't compatable with some of the maps I have installed, such as Marvel4's conversion pack. Add playability for the converted maps and It'll be better. Still amazing mod though. Nice work guys!

Excellent mod, really feels like I'm playing in the TV series. You should definitely add heroes too, would love to play as Ventress.


Beautiful, I only wish I could use the units on modded maps.


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A very polished mod

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Does a lot to change battlefront 2's sides.

Apr 1 2019 by lorul1