With this mod loader you will be able to have more than 500 missions. You are able to load only a part of your mod collection which needs less than 500 missions. So the mission limit is still active, but you can easily switch between your mods.

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This tutorial tells you how to install the normal edition.

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1. Download the .exe from the download section.

Battlefront II Mod Loader 0.8.00

2. Run the .exe once. Confirm your installation paths. Now you should see something like this without the mod list in the middle:


3. Close the application. Now look into your gamedata folder. There should be the new ModLoader folder:

explorer Gamedata

4. Now take your mods from the addon folder and put them into folders in the ModLoader folder. Do not copy them, move them. The addon folder has to be empty after doing this. This are your own mod collections. You can name them how you want. I personally prefer one folder per mod, but a bunch of mods is possible, too. Make sure that you put a mod only in one folder. If you own the non steam version please move the mod loader .exe into the gamedata folder (Thanks to harrisonfog for the fix.)

explorer ModLoaderexplorer modcollection

Run the mod loader.

If you you want to install new mods with an installer you still have to install the mods to the addon folder. Then make a folder inside the modloader folder for your mod then place the folder from your addon one to your newly created one inside the modloader one. Mods without installer can be directly placed into subfolders of the mod loader folder.


Put the mod loader at a loacation of your choice.

Add the mod loader to your steam library:

1. Click on the button "ADD A GAME" at the left side bottom corner of the steam main window

2. Click on "Add a non steam game"

3. Click on "Browse ..."

4. Select the "Battlefront II Mod Loader.exe"

Other things:

Only edit data in the ModLoader folder, not in the addon folder !

To get all mods into the ModLoader folder launch the mod loader and close it without starting Battlefront II.


First check the .path files in the "Battlefront II Mod Loader" Folder in your "Documents" folder. You can open them with the standard editor. For non steam users battlefront and steam path should be the same. Steam users should see "-applaunch 6060" in the startup parameters file.

The name of your Battlefront II .exe has to be "BattlefrontII.exe", "battlefrontii.exe" or another name of this length.

Make sure that you have the .NET Framework 4.5 installed. You can download it here: Microsoft.com.

The .exe does not start, only the loading circle of Windows appears:

This problem is probably caused by your antivirus software. The problem is not my code, this problem appears sometimes with applications coded with visual studio. So either you trust me an disable your av software for the installation path of my software or you change your antivirus software. The error occured with AVAST.

After pressing the start button Battlefront II shows a black screen, after a few seconds you return back to Windows:

Probably you use the non steam version ( CD or GOG). Make sure the mod loader .exe has got the same location like the battlefront .exe.

I want to change the Battlefront II path:

Delete the Battlefront II Mod Loader folder in your documents folder.

I want to uninstall the mod loader:

Start the mod loader once and close it without launching Battlefront II. Move all xyz mod folders back into your addon folder.


  • mod loder folder
  • Battlefront II Mod Loader folder in your documents folder
  • Mod loader .exe
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