SWBF2 mod that significantly improves the models, textures, and particle effects for the ALL, CIS, IMP, and REP factions' units and vehicles. Completely online-compatible.

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This is GREAT! I love how detailed all of the models are and the new animations make it even cooler!

Great mod but still has bugs like the weapon Icon for the clone troper being in the middle of the screen instead of the bottom left. I hope the creator will fix this. thanks!

Great improvement but, for my clone troopers their rifle Icon normally in the bottom left is floating more towards the centre left of the screen. and clue on how to fix this?


A must-have mod for everyone who owns Battlefront 2.

This mod improves the overall graphics and look of the 2005 game by adding new skins , models and other effects.

Download it and see for yourself.


Now this is just personal preference, but compared to other skin mods, this mod does a fantastic job at overhauling the Republic Grand Army mainly. Other factions have good textures too, and although there is room for improvement for factions such as the CIS or Rebels, the Republic looks amazing.

Granted, this mod is surely not a mod that can be named king of mods all-over, however in general, the mod is not difficult to install what-so-ever and is multiplayer compatible, which just makes the experience even better.

Eleven years after the release of the game, two years after the release of the mod and this game, along with this mod, still makes me smile more than what has been presented to us by EA & DICE for our long anticipated Battlefront 3.

10/10 in my book.

It's just textures, who cares about textures and graphics?

Well, I certainly don't but I love having more quality into my games, characters look more like the characters from the movies now, so for me, it's a plus, everything in this mod looks pretty well detailed so far, totally worth it along other total conversions mods, happy gaming/modding!


Awesome mod! I use it with HarrisonFog's 2017 Graphics Mod, and it looks awesome! The graphics mod covers the lighting, and Evolved fixes the skins and lasers.

Looks great.

Crisper, cleaner, a little caffeiner.
Very nice update. More detail indeed. Love the improved particle effects. Nice touches to each character.

Thanks a million for the refresh.

Being a guy who has seen so many mods both good and bad, I'm bound to have some bias or disdain for certain mods or mod-types. For some, that mod-type may be the twentieth Geonosis map that will send you into a frenzy. For others, it may be the thousandth attempt at making a map that strives for movie accuracy instead of doing something unique.

As for me, it's side mods. Now back then if you had asked me what I thought about these kinds of mods, my reaction would be obviously different since back then, if you wanted something like the 212th legion and whatnot in the game, you had to rely on these things. However, while the installation process is easy, there is one detail that gets a little tedious to deal with and that's the fact you're replacing actual parts of the game instead of adding to it so if you want to undo your changes and you end up not backing up the old files? Well, that's it. You're forced to then reinstall the game and hope you don't make the same mistake again. Fast forward to now and we are long past that point thanks to mainly one mod type and one mod for the Fake Console from the 1.3 patch. The mod-type is the era mod which gives us a whole new era to play with without replacing your stock sides and then there's the Skin Changer which is still in development but it's looking to make it to where you can replace your soldier skins with basically anything you like, thus removing the need to even bother with installing side mods with the only time you may even consider it is when it does something similar to what the upgraded sides of the 1.3 patch did. Something that fans have done many times with sides beforehand.

That being making them more accurate to the films they're based on while not changing too much which leads us to this little mod. Evolved which despite how simple the idea is and how the changes are, it has officially become a permanent fixture in my game and although I have backed up my sides, I have no intention of using them again. This mod is just that good.

So what's changed? To start off, all the humanoid soldiers get brand new neutral and aiming animations that I absolutely love. While granted the originals weren't bad, the difference really becomes easy to see with this mod as now soldiers actually look like they're aiming and like they're far more professional. Next off, it gives grenades a different effect for when they're thrown that overall looks way nicer and the Destroyer Droids now have shields that look far more like the films. However, the biggest praise I can give for this is just how good the upgraded sides look, especially for the Republic. Gone is the odd mishmash of Paratroopers and Galactic Marines in roles they never were in and in their places are units that actually look like they belong in the 501st which also have been given a facelift since their helmets seem to be partially remodeled and although the additions are fairly subtle and hard to see at first, they're much appreicated. Same goes for the Empire.

Heck, even space units received a proper changing for we now have Imperial Navy units from Force Unleashed as our marines and some slick looking black armored rebels for the marines on their side. All in all, it's one fantastic mod.

Of course, it does have its downsides and room for improvement and suggestions and so I just thought I'd might as well do that. For one thing, while it was great to get new models for Anakin and Obi-Wan, the other heroes now look somewhat off when pit against their far better looking brethren so what I'd like to see is maybe visual upgrades for every hero unit somewhere down the line. Speaking of more upgrades, it'd also be pretty nice to get some for the Phase 1 Clones and the CIS to once again continue with making sure everything fits together way better. I would suggest things such as replacing ships like the LAAT for the Alliance with something like the U-Wing from Rogue One as to fit better with their visuals but of course, that goes against the point of this mod. Regardless though, this is still one awesome mod and again, it's a permanent download for me.

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This is GREAT! I love how detailed all of the models are and the new animations make it even cooler!

Mar 18 2013 by IndyLion