SWBF2 mod that significantly improves the models, textures, and particle effects for the ALL, CIS, IMP, and REP factions' units and vehicles. Completely online-compatible.

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IndyLion says

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This is GREAT! I love how detailed all of the models are and the new animations make it even cooler!


ComradeRashka says

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Great mod but still has bugs like the weapon Icon for the clone troper being in the middle of the screen instead of the bottom left. I hope the creator will fix this. thanks!


TheReubenator says

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Great improvement but, for my clone troopers their rifle Icon normally in the bottom left is floating more towards the centre left of the screen. and clue on how to fix this?


DarthDio says

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A must-have mod for everyone who owns Battlefront 2.

This mod improves the overall graphics and look of the 2005 game by adding new skins , models and other effects.

Download it and see for yourself.


Kom-Pav says

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Now this is just personal preference, but compared to other skin mods, this mod does a fantastic job at overhauling the Republic Grand Army mainly. Other factions have good textures too, and although there is room for improvement for factions such as the CIS or Rebels, the Republic looks amazing.

Granted, this mod is surely not a mod that can be named king of mods all-over, however in general, the mod is not difficult to install what-so-ever and is multiplayer compatible, which just makes the experience even better.

Eleven years after the release of the game, two years after the release of the mod and this game, along with this mod, still makes me smile more than what has been presented to us by EA & DICE for our long anticipated Battlefront 3.

10/10 in my book.


Blue20 says

Not too demanding, but still improves the textures and models to look sharper and more modernized.


FrankSalvatore says

It's just textures, who cares about textures and graphics?

Well, I certainly don't but I love having more quality into my games, characters look more like the characters from the movies now, so for me, it's a plus, everything in this mod looks pretty well detailed so far, totally worth it along other total conversions mods, happy gaming/modding!


Zando_Bob says

Awesome mod! I use it with HarrisonFog's 2017 Graphics Mod, and it looks awesome! The graphics mod covers the lighting, and Evolved fixes the skins and lasers.


Calanon7 says

Looks great.


pacobozo40 says

Crisper, cleaner, a little caffeiner.
Very nice update. More detail indeed. Love the improved particle effects. Nice touches to each character.

Thanks a million for the refresh.

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This is GREAT! I love how detailed all of the models are and the new animations make it even cooler!

Mar 18 2013 by IndyLion