Here it is. A fine addon for battlefield 2142. The original single-player sucks so this is a good alternative. Its not supreme but its much better than the original one. What I am going to do for the first release is take from some mods a piece and put it together in one mod: so good singleplayer, different weapons than normal and some other minor changes. If you have any problem it will be because I have made this mod for battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition.

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bots support for more maps- nice, but here are a lot of bugs, very bad (overopwered) kits system. huge mass killing battles are realy bad. bad support for leipzig, a lot of bots stuck, a lot of some problems with others maps, who before don't have SP support.

Well done.

doesnt work, always says need to veryfy


Doesn't actually work.
Crashes when you click "singleplayer" when opened by itself. Crashes when you try to spawn when opened through the original game. Does not allow the resolution to be changed when opened through original game, but of course this is more DICE's fault.

Only the support loadout existed minus the bianchi (although I never did get it to spawn me before it crashed) but the only other worded review here alludes to some sort of custom overpowered loadouts.

Oh well, game's not far from dead anyway and the franchise has converted to Bad Company rather than Battlefield.


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