This is an German mod for The Battle for Middleearth 2 the Rise of the Witchking. This mod includes a new faction: Numenor! Here is the changelist of the 1.3 Units: Numenor Soldiers Numenor Rider Numenor Archer Numenor Ranger Numenor Towerguards Guards of the Menetarma (Mini-Hero) Structures: Farm Barracks Tower Archerrange Fortress Smith wall foundation (havent found a better english name for this XD) Herostatue Well Heros: Elros Tar Minyatur Vardamir NĂ³limon 2 others arent ready yet Elros Tar Minyatur Abilities: Level 3 Sword of Numenor, Damage for 3 secs 300% more Level 5 Leadership Level 10 Power of the Palantir, destroy all units arround elors Vardamir NĂ³limon Level 1 switch weapon Level 3 leadership Level 8 sniper, its like the last power of legolas Tar-Amandil Fear New Armour Attestor of Manwe (Spawns an eagle) Tar-Elendil Knownlegde of Vardamir Stop the horses! Dramborleg Dwarves: New Heroes: Thorin III Stonehelm Beorn Units: Dale Pikemen Dale Fighter Beastrider Abilitys:

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We are back now after a long time!The "The Battle for Numenor Mod" is available in new version, this time with many new extras!

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We are back now after a long time!
The "The Battle for Numenor Mod" is available in new version, this time with many new extras!
Now I want to show you some of these extras:

Let's start with the completely new starter:
Many new features are available with the starter. There is now a World Builder for the mod, so that you can use the units from the modification on your own maps. Also this starter allows you to play the original game and the modification.

The mod is available in two different versions and in two different languages.
I will explain these two versions now:

1st Standard version:
This version searchs for a new version every start.
The system "Living Middle Earth" is active, more about that later.
This version requires an internet connection.

2nd Non-Auto Update version: This version will not search for updates automatically.
The system "Living Middle Earth" is active.
This version does not require an internet connection.
You can play multiplayer matches with the standart version.

This modification includes many new units and heroes!

Fight with the powerful Balrog or with the strongest dragon in Middle-Earth, Smaug!

A new campaign: The "The Battle for Numenor Mod" contains a completely new campaign, this is
completely self-invented, but plays with the characters from Middle Earth. The campaign portrays the
story of the Goblins after they left Moria during the "War of the Ring" and how they become a new power. The current version contains 2 campaign missions, every new version after this version will include one or two new missions, which will continue the story. The system "Living Middle Earth" is now final, this system allows, that guards and civilians are running around the buildings of every faction, this should give the bases a life.

System requirements:
Athlon 3000 or a comparable Pentium 4 processor.
Geforce 6600GT or comparable NVidia or ATI graphics card.
1024MB RAM
150 MB of free hard disk space.

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Turin Turumbar: Leader, coding, skinning, modelling and Buttons
Adamite: buttons, Palantir images
Herunor: modelling, skinning
Arthur B. Machado: Blood Mod
The Dead Player: Dale Fighter Heavy Armor Shield texture
firmus: some codes for smaug


Cool, I may reinstall Bfme2/Rotwk to try this out later.

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Great Job, but you should get someone that patches your english skills up, because yo won t be handled as serious modders, if you have phrases like:"It adds Numenor is a new faction!"
But the rest seems very good to me,and i hope to see more of this soon.

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yeah finally welcome back

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Ja, nicht schlecht

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