Back To Hell is a modification for Crysis Wars, the content of this mod will deal mainly with beeing an alternative sequel to Crysis (1).

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Second Update for Back to Hell, 2 new features and a bunch of new renders.

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Back to Hell Update 3

Since our last Update some months have passed – but of course we have been working on new features all the time. So here´s a load of new information for you!

We have developed some new cool features and elemtents for Back to Hell and here we want to introduce two of them to you.

Let us start with the new Auto-Pickup function.
Crytek showed it first and we adapted for our project: The automatical pickup of ammonition. Some lines of code make this cool feature available for Back to Hell.
In general this function already existed in Crysis Wars but it had to be customized for singleplayer-usage. It was a task that took a lot of time and quite much effort because in fact it is new to nearly everyone.
So now you don´t have to search for guns lying between bushes anymore; instead of this all of them in about one metre from your position will automatically added to your inventory.
This function also works with ammonition packs, but here the distance has to be smaller for pick-up so the player has to decide whether he wants it or not.
For all of you out there who like it more old-fashioned its of course possible to disable this function via console command (i_autopickup).

How is it possible to extend the famous Crysis gameplay and to make it more varied without making it boring or destroying the atmosphere? Our answer to this question: The new feature of generators!
Due to the nuclear explosion and the in general difficult environmental circumstances many conventional structures would break down; for example because of damaged energy supply. As a reaction to this fact and to make some of these apparatures usable for the play it will sometimes be possible to use particular for such cases built emergency generators.
Usually the player finds some generators and has to pick it up per “Use“ and start it through reaching an especially marked zone (for example). Most time it is to accomplish side missions to activate helps but sometimes it could be necessary to solve a main mission – sometimes even in a combat situation.
All in all this element should loosen the gameplay, bring variation in the fights and prevent the player from finding himself in the typical situation „Deactivate the Radar Jammer!“ (well, that does not mean we do not have such side missions at all).

Besides these to main features of our update we want to present you a pack of new screenshots – our designers have been busy, too, bringing the project closer to completion :)

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

We hope you enjoyed this Update and are looking forward to hear your opinion.

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