After going for a brain scan you awaken in a dark mockery of the hospital you were in. Not having any other option, you advance through the twisted reality you awoke in, hoping to find some answers about your current existence.

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KiraImmortal says

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very good start. kinda hard to figure out things in a few occasions (like those cables in the beginning, there could have been a hint or something), but otherwise this is currently the most promising series for this game. i also like the connection to your other mods and the base game :D


AMTeam says

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While your detailing has improved significantly your map layouts and puzzles are confusing and in some cases it is essential to look up a guide or to ask for help in the comments. One in particular is as frustrating as a puzzle from The Witness (that being the puzzle's answer is vaguely explained, if at all).

The voice from one character was very hard to understand (as I believe the VA is not a native English speaker) so subtitles are essential.

Other than that this mod is worth playing for the interesting story and great mapping, just make sure you're using a walkthrough.


prenz says

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Yes, nicely done!
A bit short, but enjoyable.


Noneatme says

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nicely done!


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