Arctic Adventure is a HL2 Episode 2 based modification. In this mod you will ride quick as the wind through the Arctic landscapes and fire the familiar and some new weaponry.

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This mod doesnt get enough love for what it got right. Sure, it aint AAA quality, but for the snowmobile section alone... worth it.


Not bad.
But it can be better.

Well, this mod is currently unplayable because the 'missing texture' checkerboard covers the entire screen; I don't mean it's all over the environment, I mean it's LITERALLY the only thing on the screen, I can't even see the environment. I attempted restarting, redownloading, and I tried each and every map in the directory to no avail. What the heck?


A lots of locations, never get boring.
Waiting for more.

Typical bad mod about Episode 3

This was awful. All the guns are just your average stolen models, the story and general gameplay is so confusing. Reminds me of this one game...

I won't lie, the map design was horrible and the story didn't made much sense, however, the addition of new enemies and new weapons kind of made the mod a BIT entertaining. That kept me from rating lower than 5

good mod!

So much wrong with this mod.

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