Antlions Everywhere - modification for Half-life 2 Episode 2

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Мод является просто демонстраций умений работы автора в source sdk(по моему мнению), в ней нет какого-то крепкого сетинга или особой атмосферы или сюжета,это просто обычный средний мод на халфу с немного изменёнными моделями(всеми) и имеющий очень много креативных геймплейных ситуаций и имеющий интересную задумку с историей про гномов, я ставлю моду 7,5/10,задумка с гномами придаёт игре некоторую атмосферу, но к сожалению, сюжетно до конца ничего не объясняется,из-за чего потенциал этой задумки не раскрывается,а иначе я бы,может быть,поставил 8, в целом,не считая интересные геймплейные мелочи и гномов мод очень унылый,причём геймплей неплохой, маппинг местами шикарный, просто автором выбран очень неудачный основной геймплей(постоянно делать одно и тоже против одних и тех же врагов, основной геймплей очень однообразный и хардкорный) и как не старайся в плане мапинга ходить по шахтам 3 часа в любом случае надоест,но есть и хорошие моменты, например, геймплей с синей грави-пушкой просто шикарен, а мапинг последней карты, когда выходишь на поверхность,просто обалденен.Ещё в моде есть свой ost, но он не вызывает эмоций, чисто фоновая музыка,чтобы какая-то была,и он даже не всегда походит,но один трек точно в тему. В итоге, это просто средний мод, просто тест умений автора, без какого-то сюжета или идеи, в который не особо есть смысл играть, ещё и в неудачно выбранном, заведомо скучном сетинге и с заведомо скучным основным геймплеем, но немножко смысла поиграть есть, если вы хотите почерпнуть для себя креативные геймплейные и визуальные идеи автора, присутствущие в моде, как бы то ни было, но в этот мод вложено очень много творчества и на эти творческие идеи посмотреть стоит и конечно жалко, что мод просто технодемка, а не что-то большее, но что есть, то есть.
The mod is just a demonstration of the author’s work skills in source sdk (in my opinion), it doesn’t have any strong setting or special atmosphere or plot, it’s just an ordinary hl mode with slightly modified models(all) and having a lot of creative gameplay situations and having an interesting idea with a story about gnomes, I rate mode to 7.5/10, the idea with gnomes gives the mod some atmosphere, but unfortunately, the plot does not explain anything, because of which the potential of this idea is not revealed, otherwise, maybe I would put 8. Apart from interesting little gameplay things and story of gnomes, the mod is very boring, the gameplay is not bad, the mapping is very good somewhere, the author has chosen a very unsuccessful main gameplay (constantly doing the same thing against the same enemies, the main gameplay is very monotonous and hardcore), also no matter how beautiful the maps are,walking in the mines for 3 hours will bother you anyway, but there are some good points, for example, the gameplay with the blue gravity gun is gorgeous,and the mapping of the last map when you come to the surface is awesome. As a result, it’s just an average mode, just a test of the author’s skills, without any plot or idea, which doesn’t really make sense to play, in the unsuccessfully chosen obviously boring setting and with the obviously boring main gameplay, but there’s a little point to play-to see creative gameplay and visual ideas of the author that are present in the mod. Anyway,a lot of creativity is invested in this mod and it’s worth looking at these creative ideas and of course it’s a pity that the mod is just a techno demo, and not something more.

I have to commend this mod for being somewhat of a comedy mod with lots of goofy things going on without using being funny as an excuse to be bad. Overall this is a solid mod with decent level design and some interesting changes to normal HL2 mechanics. The only thing I really didn't like was how much damage the antlions did, I'm not sure if that's standard or not, I can't remember, but take 20 damage per hit is brutal considering...well...there are Antlions Everywhere.

Overall this is a decent mod with some pretty solid moments, but not really something I'm rushing to tell my friends about.

From the 'get-go' including the high-quality cutscenes..."Antlions Everywhere" looked like it could be a very high-quality user-made mod. Also starting at the very beginning of this mod....a 'mini' synthesizer song -that sounds like it was reproduced by Vince Clarke from his 1993 album titled, "Lucky Bastard," begins to play over and over in this mod.

Initially, the sound effects and melody from the in-game music sounded pretty cool -pure vintage "Vince Clarke-esque." I had the impression that this 'mini-melody' would actually 'develop' into a song; instead, it begans to repeat itself over and over and over and over and over and the point where it is extraordinarily-unbearable and way beyond annoying.

In the 'audio options' menu, there is a lever which allows one to slide the 'music' lever down to the integer '0' (hence, NO music). I have noticed that many times this has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT as to whether music will still continue to play or not in a user-made HL2 mod. Unfortunately, this was the case with this mod as well -- the ultra-repetitive "Vince Clarke" synth sounds/music were unable to be toggled 'off.' My only option was to, hence, play this game with very, very low.....or no audio -- something I am unwilling to do.

As the mod was too annoying to play because of the repetitive music alone, I rate "Antlions Everywhere" a 2/10.

broken logic, nice mapping skills tho


Really great mod!

Quite frustrating at times, mostly due to a few bugs, and it was odd that maps sometimes seemed disconnected, though none of that brings down this mod's high regards. There are also moments in which the player could use some more guidance.

The action was great, difficult, but not overwhelming. Just exciting enough.
The maps were really good looking, which is quite an achievement since 95% of the mod happens in underground mines. Still, the little bit in which you come to the surface also shows a really beautiful environment. The overall atmosphere is excellent.
It's also quite nice that the player is constantly introduced to new situations that are gameplay changers, which make him rethink his strategies. Some quite smart ideas in here...


Very nice mod. I like atmosphere and design in this mod. I like some ideas of this mod /.

It was a great mod overall!

+Great asmosphere
+Interesting design
+Epic music
+Different ways of killing antlions

-Limitless antlions can be annoying in some places at times
-There is a gap between some chapters but that does not effect the storyline


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Perfect mod. Nothing to say more. Good mapping, good story. perfect atmosphere. oh yes, some skins author created self... Just say - Must play

not bad)


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