The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world... Anti-Citizen follows an unnamed agent of the G-man, inserted into the middle of City 17 during the armed uprising against the Combine. Aid the resistance in repelling Combine forces that are coming down hard on the citizens of City 17. This is the first of three planned chapters for Anti-Citizen. This first installation has between 5 and 10 minutes of gameplay. If you have any comments, suggestions, or advice leave me a message or shoot me an e-mail.

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I enjoyed the way you were thrown right into the action. Really kept the pace moving throughout the chapter. Slowly building up your arsenal of weapons throughout the chapter is great, and the encounters between the enemies is very well done.


Dogstir89 says

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Great mod, very fun when engaged in the big battle especially

I don't see why everyone gives it a low rating, it is sort but its very good, remind me of Valve still maps.

+ Good introduction
+ Good Buildup
+ Arrangement, lighting, and detail was near perfect

- Short
- AI is a little dumb at times

I'm looking forward to see this mod expand, the demo was great, and I bet the rest of this mod will be the same


This is the finest example of how people should do Mods for hl2.
It's simple, great looking and extremly fun.
Too bad that it's really short, but it's definetly worth trying out.


Heinzy says

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Short but fun.


Skizzo says

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Short, but intense and well designed. Bravo!
And thank you for making a Mod that's working on Macs, too! :-)))


TroHea says

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I am impressed...
it's like.. a real Valve game! I only was sad because it was short =(
I hope Chapter 2 comes out!
Love it.


Richard_Nixon says

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Pretty Fun.

Surprised at its short length.

I thought it weird that I was able to get into where the Civil Protection were spawning from, without using noclip.




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Great mod, very fun when engaged in the big battle especially

Mar 16 2013 by Dogstir89