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I've been having some thoughts... This mod, this fucking thing I created. I Keep saying that its going to be released, I keep releasing new screenshots and updates... Nothing Impressive really.

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I've been having some thoughts...

This mod, this fucking thing I created. I Keep saying that its going to be released, I keep releasing new screenshots and updates... Nothing Impressive really.

I Keep doubting my work and I keep thinking that I should just stop working on it... just quit working on game development all together.

Ive been building this fucking thing for 3 Years and yet there's no release date, nothing is polished. No real Progress. Maybe I should just stop... and kill it.

I Don't know what to do, If I where to pull the plug, I don't know what would happen after that. I don't know how many people will be disappointed (if anyone would be disappointed).

I just don't know what to do with this thing... this fucking mod with barely any impressive progress.


Dude.. You need to sort your IRL **** up, I know it sounds harsh and all, but you clearly dislike this mod atm. Put it on hold or something.
I highly dislike the idea of putting this mod on hold, it has potential, you just haven't realized that yet!

Just to be clear. Are you the only one working on this mod? Because making mods can be hard and depressing, so it can be a very good idea to get a couple of people to help you.

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Giving up now would mean 3 years wasted. You can put it on hold until you sort everything out. I'll be waiting! Best of luck & stay strong :)

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this "******* thing you created" will be one of the best mods released for Amnesia ever. i don't think it's too early to say such a thing, from the screenshots, videos and all the articles you released i'm quite sure about my opinion. please do not let all the efforts wasted you've put into this! we're counting on you!

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Don't ever give up - the worst critic is always one's self! What may seem unimpressive to you may be an astonishing work of art to someone else.
If this has at all to do with depression, take it from someone who is also clinically depressed - don't let it get in the way of what you want to do. Creating a work of art, like this mod, can help you conquer your inner struggles. Being able to say, "look at that, I did it" is sometimes the most uplifting thing.
Don't beat yourself up over the illusion of perfection - perfection doesn't exist. Rather than striving to be perfect, just do your very best. What's important is that you're happy, and I think the creation of this custom story will help you achieve that.
You have my full support, whatever your decision, and I wish you the very best. You're incredibly determined, hardworking, and strong for getting just this far.
As cliche as it sounds, follow your heart.

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I think that there is a lot of progress over there, and I'm proud of you by what I have seen in the trailers and in the screenshots. I really think that your only problem is to worry too much about critcism, specially the bad ones. Hey man, you work IS AMAZING, and I'm loving it. There is a lot of work and a lot of passion in there.

Don't give up man. But focus FIRST in one game. Choose what do you want to develop first. Sea of Nooses or In Her Memory... We'll always be with you! But you must believe in youself mate... There is no success without fighting... You must prove to the others that you're strong and you can make it!

Good Luck bro, if you need anything, you can count on me!

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Buck up and stop doubting, you've gone to far for doubts to be productive. The way I see things you have three options: Put an end to the project, put it on hold or finish it like a warrior. Putting the project on hold for too long would probably mean the end of the project. Right now it looks like you need closure. Only one question matters: what would be the worst? Continue working on this seemingly neverending project...or having suffered 3 years for nothing?
I say buck up and complete the game. bring it out. Just don't start overly complicated stuff. I found out that lingering too long on a project can be treacherous. Because you evolve during the process and feel the urge to fix/change countless details to make it match with your own tastes, but it's a vicious circle as your expectations are in constant evolution. So I say complete the game but accept to leave some imperfections. Go for the essential.
Courage :)

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I'm really sorry you're having a hard time right now. It sucks i me i know... I'm sorry, but you have to do whats best. If working on this mod is an outlet than great, but if it's on you're mind and just another thing to worry about, then... Listen As much as me and everyone else would like to play a good Amnesia mod (which this looks like one) we need to understand that there's a person behind the mod, behind a monitor. Do what YOU want me and everyone else is just text on a screen here so... feel better bud.

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