Alagaesia Total Conversion Compatibility Civilization 4 only Not compatible with Warlords at this. The Team ClassicThunder: Lead lshockley: Civics, Texts and lots of buttons. Sto: Map related Python coding Hydrahypnotizer: Wonder Movies Crezth: Play Testing and Brain Storming Goal The goal of this mod is to place you into a deep and treacherous land called Alagaesia. In Alagaesia humans are not at the top of the food chain. You have to survive in a land of Dragons and Razac who are capable of destroying elite warriors and budding civilizations; however, humanity's worst enemy is himself and the most dangerous traps are those of ultimate power. What’s Been Done and What to expect in Beta 1.2.0 The civics and tech tree have been redone from scratch. Graphically impressive units and building have been added. The civilizations have also been redone. You can now play as Arya of the Elves, Durza of the Urigals, or one of the many other leaders we’ve added. Dragons now roam the land...

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