AirBuccaneers (UT2004 total conversion) contains a new multiplayer game type with hot air balloons and cannons. The game is a compelling combination of graceful air ballet, fierce pirate-like action and 3D tactical manoeuvring. AirBuccaneers is targeted for team players who want to experience something unique. Key features: - New multiplayer type containing intense and strategic hot air balloon fights - Heavy emphasis on teamplay and cooperation - New player models, weapons, graphics and sounds to complete the unique atmosphere - Different maps for diverse scenarios and objectives - Unique game concept and original content - Genre mix (airwar, tactical vehicle ops and "sea" battles) - Simple control interface (action button, jump, walk, strafe, turn, throw "weapon", F1 for stats) The game consists of highly original concept and content. The new type of multiplayer game involving intense and strategic hot air balloon fights is crafted by mixing the game genres of airwar...

Garyn Dakari says

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Fly airships, shoot canons, slash your enemies with a sword, swing from ship to ship; This is THE BEST multiplayer mod I have ever played, for any game. A definite 10/10 from me. Well done LudoCraft!

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