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A short explanation of some features of the new Age of Empires III mod: No Middle Ground. How is the economy, battles and basically every aspect of AoE3 changed to better fit the ASoIaF universe.

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There's many key aspects of Age of Empires III that have been repurposed to give the mod a new feeling and to make it more fitting to its theme. I'll mention some of the key aspects of the mod along with some aspects that will help you guys understand the Houses I will showcase next week:

1.- Influence: A new resource. Can basically only be trickled and to get that trickle you must capture a Trading Post. Except trading posts are no longer trading posts but villages, small castles, bridges, etc. You capture them Silk road style and they give you influence. What is Influence for? For a lot of things: Aging-up, upgrading units, researching technologies and sending support cards. Powerful technologies will have a huge influence cost.
2.- Support cards: All Houses will have access to different support cards from allied houses. In some cases you'll just get access to just one card but, in the cases of the most important houses you'll get a whole set of allied houses cards containing lore and characters. For example with House Stark you'll get access to 7 House Mormont cards, all with a similar theme and powerful effects, they even send a unique unit: The Shield Maiden. Their first card will always be the house leader and the effect will always be the same: Your Allied House cards cost less influence +1 Villager (Age I).
3.- New stances: Besides ranged, melee, stand ground, etc., you'll get two more stances: an improved cover mode and the retreat stance. Cover mode will now allow you to ignore most ranged damage but will diminish your fighting abilities, this stance is only available to shielded units. Retreat stance is available to every unit and it makes the unit, well, run very fast, with the downsides of not being able to attack while on that stance, retreating units taking more damage and the stance taking 10 seconds to change it, so even if you run into the enemy base your army will be useless for a moment.
4.- Tactics: Your Bannermen (explorers) have a set of abilities that boost your military units in combat for a little time. Tactics have a big cooldown. There's shared tactics like Forced march, that slightly increases movement speed for a minute, Cavalry charge, that increases cavalry movement speed and melee damage for 10 seconds and some exclusive tactics like Lannister's Shield charge, that gives shielded infantry units huge melee damage for 5 seconds.
5.- Units last longer in battle: Units in general deal less damage and have more hp, and also they slowly recover their hp when idle (Stamina). Retreating from a losing battle is, in this case, easier to do and more important. Powerful units like Knights will probably last a lot in battle and in a match if taken care of.

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