A comprehensive reskin of all of Ace Combat 7's playable and NPC aircraft, focused on better depicting an international IUN force and using consistent marking conventions.

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A preview of Emmerian Air Force skins included in this pack.

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As a longstanding Osean ally, the Emmerian military is a major contributor to the IUN peacekeeping mission in Usea. Coming off the heels of the EE War three years prior, its pilots have a reputation for being combat-hardened veterans among the multinational force.

15o Gruppo ADX “Windhover”

Posted to the 8o Stormo in Gracemeria alongside the famous Garuda squadron, Windhover flies aging but well-maintained F-16ADFs with a slew of upgrades. Its commander, Daniel Pollini, became an ace in the EE War and leads the entire AMRE contingent in Usea.

(Replaces F-16C SP 1; Strider skin features Windhover markings with Trigger tail art)

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252o Gruppo FBX “Pantere”

Based at Seborna AB flying Emmeria's only F-15Es, the "Panthers" are notable for loaning two airframes and WSOs to the 28o Stormo ADX "Garuda" during the EE War.

(Replaces the Mage F-15E skin)

20191031004003 1

422o Gruppo ADX “Giavellotto”

One of the world's last operators of F-104s, the "Javelins" scored six kills on more modern Estovakian jets in the EE War.

(Replaces the Mage and Strider F-104 skins, the latter including Trigger tail art.
Javelin name and heraldry from ACI)

20200110192850 1

443o Gruppo FBX “Cancro”

(Replaces the Mage and Strider Typhoon skins, the latter including Trigger tail art. Using Omega's tail art from ACI)

20200111171035 1

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