What would you do if you lose your interest in this world? What if the group of reluctantly dead slaves comes back to life and tries to disembowel you? Would you just kill yourself or would you fight against the inhumanity and find something to live for? If so, you are currently the only person who is capable to resist this suicidal uprising.

StaydMcButtermuffin says

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This is pretty good, especially for a first custom story. The level design, while a bit too open-ended, (I feel I missed several areas entirely) looks absolutely beautiful. The lighting is a bit bland, and doesn't compliment the rest of the design very well. The story is interesting, at least to the point where I didn't feel the need to skip any of the notes. I wasn't really scared at any point, and I was more frustrated by the way enemies kept popping up than anything. I didn't mind the lack of puzzles, though I can't speak for everybody. To put it in a nutshell, this is a decent custom story, and I enjoyed it.

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Positives: - Amazing level design - A story can't be more complex than this - Pretty scary Negatives: - What did I need the hammer/chipper for? I didn't use it once - The non stopping monster music in some of the maps is really annoying and repetitive - Huge lack of challange - Half of the story doesn't require any exploration whatsoever - Brute, before entering the storage, turned back and chased me down for no reason at all - Waterlurker (the not hallucination one) was stuck and "died" because…

Aug 2 2013 by KrustiClawn