This is a experimental portal 2 modification with simple game mechanics and a focus on exploration. There is a load of secrets and 2 very different endings.

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Entertaining, fun, hilarious and clever.

Can we see an expansion/sequel any time soon?


Satiam says

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This mod is really great!

It is a little crazy, sometimes spooky, sometimes philosophical and definitely a lot of fun to play. Highly recommended!

It's quirky, it's odd, and it sure is fun. The mod is made up of several little puzzles that are Portal-esque in nature, focusing more on the logic part rather than "portal your way around here" part of the games.

It's also ridiculous. Very ridiculous.
Which makes it so great.


kitrod says

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It's ******* brilliant

I NEED a sequel.


Vvix says

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There's no much I can tell withouth spoiling the mod, but it's sure much more than you think it is, map design is great (unreal even) and puzzles are absolutely best.


love it


amazing would love to see a follow up


A minuted millions is a fun mod for portal 2. It has quirky jokes thrown in with a few puzzles. The mod starts off confusing at first but it is fun once you know what to do.

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