The "4th Dimension" is a modification for the expansion Forged Alliance for Supreme Commander which adds new content like completely new designed units, explosions and other effects. But this mod does not only add new content, it also changes parts of the game like balancing and gameplay. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more realistic (as long as it is better for the gameplay) and to improve the balancing and optics of the game. For example nearly all muzzle velocities have been increased, and many units move much slower now. Another big aspect of this mod is the fact, that in 4th Dimension nearly all units have their right to exist, even in later tech levels, while in Supreme Commander you only see very few low tech units on the battlefield. Beside a new veteran system for vanilla Supreme Commander, which lets stronger units count more than weaker units and which gives units bigger buffs, the mod changes also the tarmac sizes and explosion effects.

Post news Report RSS 4th Dimension 2.11 [FA only] released!

The brand new version is online and waiting for download! This is version 2.11. If you are new to this mod, check the new Trailer for version 2.1 on the video section.

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Changelog for Version 2.11 (and 2.1)


  • - fixed Balrog and Kykhu Oss not beeing able to walk or fire
  • - Kykhu Oss now takes x8 damage while in flight mode


  • - added death explosions to some T3 units
  • - added normal maps to nearly all custom units
  • - added Balrog as UEF experimental
  • - added Vampire as Cybran T2 stealthed and cloaked fighter
  • - added Holo emitter for UEF mine layer, it also can now build intelligent devices
  • - added Phasing ability to the Seraphim T3 scout
  • - added T3 Seraphim "Kykhu Oss" as a Transformers
  • - adjusted all collision spheres of all air crafts (in general, they are smaller now)
  • - fixed monkey lords air damage (missed to change one weapon)
  • - fixed typo with one of the UEF SCU upgrades
  • - increased accuracy gain for mavor (doubled), also increased max accuracy
  • - increased mass costs of satellite system by 30%, also reduced damage to 125 (from 150)
  • - increased collisionbox of drones, reduced their speed (about 15%) and health to 12 (from 50)
  • - increased drain per sec for T2 artillery to 500 (from 100) [energy per shot is still the same]
  • - increased costs and buildtime of walls 34 (24) 50 (40)
  • - increased mass costs of Little John by 300
  • - increased mass and energy costs of Chimera (~ 10%)
  • - increased mass costs of Harkon by 200
  • - increased damage of Hellhound to 55 (from 50)
  • - increased maxspeed of T2 heavy tanks by 0.1
  • - increased mass costs of Vulcanizer to 131.000 (from 101.000)
  • - increased range of LABs by ~20%
  • - increased HP of Rhinos by 50
  • - increased costs of Predator to 530/6300 (from 480/3300)
  • - increased costs/buildtimes of T2 artilleries
  • - increased costs/buildtime of Pillar by 10%
  • - increased shield by 100 of Obsidian
  • - increased damage of cutter by 20%
  • - increased build time of cybran T3 perimeter monitoring system from 800 to 4000
  • - increased HP of mongoose to 1000 (900) and decreased damage to 33 (40)
  • - increased HP of all T1-T3 air units by 25-50% (air battles should last a bit longer now)
  • - increased build rate of UEF minelayer by 50%
  • - increased size of destroyers and cruisers of all factions
  • - increased damage of corsairs air-to-ground missiles to 200 (120)
  • - reduced costs and buildtime of megalith slightly
  • - reduced radius of Little Johns main weapon to 35 (38)
  • - reduced radius of Harkons gattling gun to 24 (26)
  • - reduced range of tactical missiles to 200 (from 256)
  • - reduced costs of nuke launchers by 50% (only the building costs, not the nuke costs!)
  • - reduced air-to-air damage of T2 air transports by about 50%
  • - reduced energy consumption of shielded T2 and T3 units (no buuble shields)
  • - reduced turret yaw speed of T2 destroyers main gun by 50% (not seraphim because it has a beam weapon)
  • - reduced accuracy of T2 destroyers main gun while moving by 50%
  • - reduced death damage of Rampage
  • - removed jamming ability of rampage
  • - removed fuel from Czar (no ig effect)
  • - changed aeon tarmac
  • - fixed some colors of the Meson texture
  • - fixed a small bug with the soul ripper
  • - fixed or adjusted the regeneration buff for veteran air units (they were much too high)
  • - improved vulcanizer script and grafics
  • - thrasher more balanced (missiles for air-to-ground and machine gun for air-to-air)
  • - changed texture of Chimera (completely new)
  • - changed model of Cybran Drone Carrier and rebalanced it. Drones are redone aswell
  • - changed Brick walk animation (it finally walks!)
  • - changed some regeneration rates (Crab bot now has a regeneration of 10 instead of 0.5, ...)
  • - Galactic Colossus's tractor beams work now faster on small units than on big units (flight time is mass dependant now)
  • - some other minor tweaks
  • + improved explosion mod performance by about 50%! (version 2.1)
  • + added optional unit cap system: all units have different unit caps calculated by their mass and
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