23rd Century Warfare is a Quake Wars multiplayer modification developed by Scared Pixel Studios which focuses on enhancing the visuals, realism and sounds of the game, staying true to the "unified light and shadowing" concept while at the same time introducing new gameplaytypes and maps.

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Scared Pixel Studios (an idtech4 freetime devteam) is looking for C++ game\network programmers who are interested in supporting the team at its final polishing phase before releasing "MCS: Mars City Security".

Scared Pixel Studios focuses on developing multiplayer and coop based content, since we believe that latest game technology is most entertaining when shared with friends or strangers over the internet.

MCS: Mars City Security
Mars City Security takes Doom3 and combines all the latest Community made upgrades into one package, telling the game from the perspective of a small Mars City Security Squad, that survived the initial attack, fighting its way through the campaign and custom exciting cooperative game modes. Applying the community's latest features and synchronizing them for multiplayer coop compatibility is our top priority, so that people can experience all the awesome updates that have been contributed by the community over the years, online with other players. The team approaches this goal while staying true to the "unified light and shadowing" concept, making sure that everything that can be rendered realtime, actually is.

If you are experienced with the idtech4 SDK codebase or generally enjoy skilled C++ Game\Network Programming feel free to contact us at oneofthe8devilz@hotmail.com ...

Scared Pixel Studios

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Contact us at oneofthe8devilz@hotmail.com

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