After completing the Multiplayer version 1936 Spain in flames COD2, I have started some time ago the Single Player version. This consists of three parts that will be published according to each part is completed. This mod is the story of the Spanish civil war, between 1936 and 1939, accompanied by approximately 24 missions recreating the most important battles of the war. Currently the first part is available for download, although so far only in Spanish version. For the start of the second and third part is also included in English. Some tasks are about the siege of the Alcazar of Toledo, the battles of Madrid, Jarama, Guadalajara, the Ebro or the bombing of Guernica, among others. The mod brings new vehicles where some part of the objectives, there will also be a mission that will use a T-26 tank. Also included are new weapons and new skins.

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Already there release date for the second part of the mod. As of June 30 can be downloaded from here. Here you will browse while both the trailer showing the new missions and some developments that contains this part.

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Already there release date for the second part of the mod. As of June 30 can be downloaded from here.
Here you will browse while both the trailer showing the new missions and some developments that contains this part.

Here you can see the list of changes and developments that brings the second part.

List of changes and developments

MAPS: As for maps this part brings 7 new missions. "Bridge Pindoque", "Suicide Hill" correspond to the battle of Jarama. "Brihuega making", "the counteroffensive", and "the reconquest of Brihuega" corresponding to the Battle of Guadalajara. "The Tree of Gernika" which corresponds to bombardment of Gernika and finally "the first anniversary of war" which is the battle of Brunete. Also all the missions of the first part have had several changes, some more than others, include the mission of "No pasaran!" and "Moscow gold" are those that have had major changes.

As for slideshows that appear before each mission, they have added six. Two of them for the battle of Jarama, two for the battle of Guadalajara, one for Brunete and one for Gernika.

WEAPONS: In the weapons section was added the knife that appears in the mission Pindoque Bridge. Machine guns were also added as the Italian Breda and Maxim-Tokarev who will be in some missions. The Hotchkiss machine gun fixed a small bug in the texture.

SKINS: Fixed a bug that the bullets pierced body parts skin. Also quite a few skins have been modified such as the militia of the CNT, some Italian skins CTV, the battalion Garibaldi, among others ...

ANIMATIONS: Added the bayonet animation. It has also managed one of the bones of T-26 tank where you place the explosives to destroy it since before it was kind of in the air.

HUD: As for the hud has changed the compass icon will appear where SP mod. It has also been removed grenade indicator to be more realistic, indicator of the actors friends in the compass has been replaced by a green arrow green dot.

3D MODELS: Added a new 3D model, the UNL-35 armored vehicle that can see in the mission of the Battle of Brunete, this vehicle also will be handy in this mission for a while. It will also be new helmet M26 Trubia leading some players such as national infantry soldier or soldier of the Republican Army.

INTERFACE: The loading screens in each mission will be totally new with a new design better than the previous.

TRANSLATION: The second part of the mod will be available in two versions, English and Spanish.

SCRIPT: A portion of all missions carried script, I have implemented the system of names of the actors who appear to look over them. This name will be random, except some players, separating the Spanish names of male and female names, Moroccan, Italian and foreign, whether English, French, German, etc. .. Has also changed the priority and frequency battlechatter system, this is the generic voices that come out during the game, the chop on both sides will say it more times than before and speak more than before.

And that's all I hope you enjoy the trailer and more so once you leave the mod, thank you all for having been there waiting for this project.


Good job, this is going to be great.

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con ganas de que salga ya la segunda parte que quiero jugarla y buen trabajo....

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joder muy bueno,se puede jugar con los dos bandos?

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Triby Author

Si hay misiones de los dos bandos pero van mezcladas no hay una campaña para cada bando. Es una sola campaña e iran saliendo misiones de ambos bandos ordenadas cronologicamente.
Un saludo

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